Searching for Help

"I am 100 percent sure that Jeremy is molesting my daughter, Kaylee," says Krista. Three-year-old Kaylee was born while Krista and Jeremy were in a relationship. They have since broken up and Jerem

y is now married to Danielle. "When I go to drop Kaylee off with Jeremy, I feel like I'm taking her to her beheading." When Kaylee returns home, she hysterically cries and says things like: "He touched my pee-pee," and "Tell them not to do that."


"I love my daughter, and I'm being accused of handling her improperly. What did I do to deserve this?" Jeremy asks. "I think Kaylee screams because she has been told, 'Daddy's mean.' I have heard from Kaylee's mouth, 'My daddy touched my pee-pee.' The reason why she says that is

because Krista or Bonii tell her to."


Bonii, Krista's mother and Kaylee's grandmother, says she would never tell Kaylee to lie. "Without a shadow of a doubt, Jeremy is molesting Kaylee," she says. "The very first visit Jeremy had with Kaylee, he brought her home, and she said, 'Jeremy kissed my pee-pee.' I just wanted to go and kill him at that moment."


Jeremy had not seen Kaylee for nearly the first two years of her life, when Krista sent him an invitation to Kaylee's second birthday party, which he attended. "At some point during the birthday party, Jeremy and Kaylee had both disappeared," Krista says.

"She says, 'Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom.' I eventually found the diapers and took her into the bat

hroom. I shut the door. I locked it,'" Jeremy explains. "I'm trying to remember to the best of my abilities. I went and loosened up her trousers, and I pulled her diaper down. I didn't actually touch her, in any way shape or form, skin to skin. I sat her on the toilet there. About a minute-and-a-half later, Krista started banging on the door."


Krista says that Jeremy had never changed a diaper before that day. "He finally opened the door. Kaylee was not wearing a diaper or any pants. She was crying. He said he was changing her diaper. There was not a clean diaper in the bathroom," she recalls. "I didn't suspect anything, until I had laid her down to put a clean diaper on her and saw how red she was down there."


Krista recalls another disturbing incident when Jeremy and Danielle had visitation with Kaylee. "At 4:00 a.m. Child Protective Services came to my house. They told me that Kaylee was in the emergency room, and she had a two centimeter tear on her labia. When Child Protective Services told me that Kaylee had a tear, my throat fell in my stomach. I knew she was really being molested. There was no more doubt. All of my fears were confirmed," Krista shares.  


Jeremy explains his version of the night he took Kaylee to the emergency room. "She kept on saying that her pee-pee hurt. I said, 'That's it. I'm going to take her into the emergency room.' What happened that night to cause that to happen, I have absolutely no idea how that got there," he says. "I don't think that Kaylee is being sexually molested by anyone."


Bonii says that she thinks Jeremy was violating Kaylee on the night of the emergency room visit. "Jeremy was either trying to have sex with her, or use an object to penetrate her in some way," she says.

Jeremy is suing for full custody of Kaylee. "I want to have full custody of Kaylee, because I have every reason in the world to suspect Krista is undermining Kaylee," he explains.


Krista thinks Jeremy wants custody for the wrong reasons. "I think Jeremy wants custody of Kaylee so that he can molest her.

Kaylee has told me that he takes pictures of her pee-pee. I think that Jeremy is doing something over the Internet, maybe making money," she reveals.

Krista fears for Kaylee's future. "If Jeremy is given custody of my daughter, I will fall apart. I don't know how I could live knowing every day that my daughter is being molested," she frets.

"Have you contacted Child Protective Services?" Dr. Phil asks Krista. "What happened?" 

"Basically, nothing," Krista says. "They took her to be assessed, where she did say that Jeremy hurt her pee-pee. That he did whatever to it. She said that he cut it with a fork, and she also said that the frogman did it to her pee-pee, so they said that she cannot tell fantasy from reality, and they can't prove anything. So they just closed the case."

"You've called them a number of times, right?" Dr. Phil asks.


Krista replies, "They say, 'You need to stop making these claims. You're just jealous. This kind of stuff doesn't happen.'"


"I have one interest here, and it's Kaylee," Dr. Phil stresses. "If you are doing this in any way as a power play to manipulate and cut him out of her life, shame on you, and you're going to seriously regret that in time in so many ways you can't even imagine," he tells Krista. To Jeremy he says, "If you have impulse control problems and you have been inappropriate with your daughter, then you need help and you need it right now." He turns back to Krista and says, "If you're telling me that CPS just blew you off, that's just not right. I don't believe what you're saying... I have worked with the professionals in child welfare for 30 years. I've never one time ever heard a professional doing that work do what you just said."

Dr. Phil turns his attention to Jeremy. "Why is your daughter saying that you're taking pictures of her vaginal area? Why is she saying that you are touching her inappropriately?" he asks.

Jeremy notes that when Kaylee is playing with her Barbie dolls, he has heard her say, "'Whenever I say that Daddy touches me, Grandma gives me candy, and Grandma gives me Barbie dolls or toys and stuff.'"

"Is that true?" Dr. Phil asks Bonii.

"Never. Absolutely not," she replies.

"Are you coaching her?" Dr. Phil asks.
"Absolutely not, 100 percent," she says.

He asks Krista the same question.

"No," Krista says.

"I'm willing to take a lie detector test," Bonii adds. "I offered to pay for him to take one. He refused."