Shocking Love Stories: Lisa, Adrian

"My Victim is My Husband"
“When I was 36, I fell in love with Adrian, who was 14,” says Lisa, now 43. “I met Adrian when he was visiting my two older sons.”

“I just thought she was the most beautiful woman that I’d ever seen,” says Adrian, now 21.

“Adrian would call me constantly. I confronted Adrian and asked him what his intentions were,” Lisa says. “Adrian was definitely stroking my ego, telling me I’m beautiful and that I was his fantasy.”

“I was like, ‘I’m attracted to you. I like you, and I’d like to go out sometime,’” Adrian recalls. “We went out, and she was like, ‘Do you want to just get a hotel?’ and I was like, ‘OK, that sounds great.’”

“So, we had sex for the first time. We started sleeping together. This went on for several months. I got pregnant with Adrian right before his 15th birthday,” she says. “I did not know he was 14 when we first had sex.”

“I planned on getting her pregnant, not practicing safe sex. Even though I was 14 making a decision like that, I had so many other girlfriends before her, and none of them made me feel the way she made me feel,” he says.

When Adrian’s grandmother found out about their relationship, she called the police, who began an investigation.

“The assistant DA said the charges would be much lighter if I married him,” Lisa says.

[AD]“When we got married, I was 15. Lisa was 36,” Adrian says.

“The day after we got married, I was arrested. I was convicted of statutory rape,” Lisa says. “I served two years in prison. I actually gave birth while I was in jail to our first child, Skye.”

“I felt, at times, that I was responsible for Lisa going to jail,” he says.

“So, my victim is my husband, and I’m still married to him, and we have two children,” Lisa says. “The love that we have for each other did not die, obviously. We’re still here.”
Dr. Phil questions how they got into a relationship with a 22-year age difference.

Adrian says Lisa was dating a 23-year-old who was a friend of his, and it was through him that they got to know each other.

Dr. Phil tries to wrap his mind around it. “He’s a friend of your sons’, which means you have a couple of copies of him right there. You’ve got boys that age,” he says. “So, then he starts kind of flirting with you, right?”

“Not exactly,” Lisa says. “I was drinking a lot back then, about six to seven nights a week, and going out, and a drunk will talk to anyone who will listen — ”

[AD]“OK, now we’re starting to make some sense,” Dr. Phil quips.

Lisa says Adrian was a good listener. She says she had come out of a bad marriage with an abusive husband and her self-esteem was low. “Not that that’s an excuse or reason,” she says.

Dr. Phil acknowledges that Lisa admits that she didn’t make the best decisions, but says, “My dog listens to me, but I don’t take her dancin’!”  

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