Jealous Siblings
Dr. Phil talks to adults who want to get past the sibling rivalries that are keeping them from having genuine relationships with their family.

Katie describes her relationship with her sister Julia as having "a tremendous lack of trust" and admits that she is jealous of her sister. "She is married and has kids, a nice house and her degree...and it came easily to her. It's sickening and stressful. How can I get past the resentment and anger that has built up between my sister and me?" Katie asks.

When asked about the rivalry with her sister Katie, Julia explains, "I think my sister blames me for the fact that our parents treated us differently. She holds me to blame for being favored. It's nerve-racking to be in the same room with her because I don't know what I'm going to do to set her off."

Dr. Phil addresses both sisters and explains, "I don't think your problem has anything to do with your sister. I think it has to do with you. The question isn't 'Can I can trust her?' It's 'Can I trust me to deal with whatever she does?' Trust yourself to come out from behind your wall, deal with what happens, and love her right through it."

Next, Dr. Phil hears from Telisa, who admits she is jealous of her brother Elliot. "When I was younger I thought I was so much better than him because he didn't excel academically. My brother was a slacker and didn't work hard at anything except for sports and partying," says Telisa. "I speak three languages fluently but my brother still manages to outdo me."

Telisa's brother Elliot has achieved success and recognition as a mountain climber, forming the first African American team to climb the world's seven tallest summits. He says, "I'm at my wit's end. It's been 15-plus years since my sister and I have had this rift between us — this rivalry."

Dr. Phil encourages Telisa and Elliot to discuss the origins of their resentment and discovers that Telisa felt abandoned by Elliot after her arm was amputated at the age of 16. "I just freaked out," admits Elliot. "I only visited her once or twice."

"You weren't there during a very dark time in her life," Dr. Phil tells Elliot, "but you can be there now."

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you in the past," Elliot tells his sister. "But I will be there for you in the future. I love you, Telisa."