Sign on the Line: Leah and Gary

Greedy or Cautious?

"My husband, Gary, wants me to sign a postnup, stating that if we get a divorce, I leave here with nothing. I am not OK with that," says Leah, who has been married to Gary

for four years. "To me, a postnup, prenup, any nup means that we might get a divorce, and I don't understand that at all ... I'm doing everything I can do to try to get us to grow closer, and you're wanting us to sign a prenup. That makes us grow even farther apart."


"I am worth over a million dollars," says Gary. "My most prized possession is my business. That's what makes my world go around. If Leah divorced me tomorrow and took half my stuff, that's not fair."


Gary and Leah's marriage started off out of the ordinary. He says that he never proposed to Leah. Instead, "She said, ‘We're going to Vegas a

nd getting married,' and I went along. As we were getting married, I was thinking that I shouldn't be here," Gary reveals. "I know that Leah loves me more than I love her. I'd get along fine without her."


Recently, Leah accused Gary of cheating on her with a woman from his past. "He said, ‘We're just friends,' so I said, ‘If you don't call her right now, your ass is getting a divorce first thing tomorrow morning,'" she shares.


"I'm not cheating on her," says Gary, who regrets not getting a prenup. "When Leah mentions divorce, and I don't have a prenup, I'm nervous. She needs to cool her jets, take it easy, mellow out. Granted, if two Playboy Playmates said, ‘It's you and us two,' I might have a little problem, but that ain't going to happen."

Gary owns seven cars, among them a 2002 Lexus and a 2001 Ferrari Spider; the house they are living in which he bought in 1987; and his business. He has never put Leah's name on a checking account but say

s he gives her money and pays the bills. "I want Leah to give up her rights to the stuff that I worked for," he explains. "It's my stuff." He says that Leah can keep her car, pots, pans, clothes and wedding ring. "I'm the one who sacrificed. I'm the one who cried tears on the floor of that shop."


"He thinks he's just going to leave with all of what he's built, and I haven't had time to build anything except a home, and I'm not going to leave that, walk out and not have any of that," Leah says. "I'm not going to walk out of here with the clothes off my back, after I've spent 12 years taking care of him. I don't know where he thinks that that is fair."


"My philosophy of what's mine is mine has always been a problem of mine. I don't think I'm being greedy. I think I'm looking out for me," Gary shares. "If Leah doesn't sign a postnup, that is a sign of wanting something monetarily out of it. If we get divorced, we'll see who wins the war."


"Gary is being selfish," Leah says. "Gary would not even be where he's at right now if it weren't for he and I being together. I need Gary to know that I'm his partner, not his tenant."

Dr. Phil asks Leah how she feels after hearing Gary's thoughts on video. 

"It breaks my heart to hear him say that he'd be just fine without me there," she says. 

Pointing out that Gary and Leah have been living together for eight years and married for four, Dr. Phil asks Gary, "Isn't this a conversation you should have had before you got married?"

"Yes," Gary says.


"You're now saying, 'We're married,' and what you're wanting her to do now is sign something that says she'll waive all that," Dr. Phil says.


"Yes, for the most part," Gary says.

"Right now, how's y'all's relationship going?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I think we get along great," Leah says, noting that she wants to make their relationship work.

Addressing Leah, Dr. Phil repeats statements Gary said on video. "She loves me more than I love her. I'd get along fine without her. I want her to give up her rights," he says.

"I've heard it before, and he's had a chance to walk out the door," Leah says. "Why hasn't he left if he thinks he'd get along just fine without me?"


"Because it would cost too much," Dr. Phil quips.


Gary says, "I do love her, but I still would like to protect what I built over the years."

"Does that seem incongruous to you?" Dr. Phil asks Gary.

"I can't argue with that," Gary says.

"Why didn't you get this signed before you got married?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I probably should have," Gary says.


"Why are you bringing it up now?" Dr. Phil probes.

"She thought I was cheating on her and divorce came up, and I panicked," Gary says.

Dr. Phil addresses Leah. "You want to stay in this relationship knowing that he doesn't value you enough to want to take care of you if you were to leave, or to respect the contribution that you've made to the relationship," he says.

Leah says she was surprised when Gary brought up the postnup. "I'm just shocked that that's all it was about, that's all that I was there for," she says, growing emotional. "It doesn't change the fact that I love him. That's the hard part. Just to leave, I mean, that's not easy."

Gary denies that he is cheating on Leah.

Leah says she's not sure if she believes him. "I've been doing some homework," she says. "He's been talking to someone regularly. She calls him every morning or every night."

"Do you want to stay married?" Dr. Phil asks Gary.

"I would like to," Gary says. "I do love her."

"If she signed away everything … where would you be?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm sure I'd still be with her," Gary replies. "I don't want to leave her. She's a wonderful person, very loving, caring."

"Why do you want the postnup then?" Dr. Phil questions.

"You never know what happens. Nothing is forever," Gary says. "A marriage ends by death or divorce."


"Do you think she's contributed to your success over the last nine years?" Dr. Phil asks Gary.


"To be brutally honest, I would think the business, no," Gary says.

"Do you think that you've contributed to his effectiveness in this world?" 

"Well, knowing his attitude, he'd get by just fine without me," Leah says. 

"Your self-worth is like way, way, way down here," Dr. Phil tells her. "You're underestimating yourself."

Dr. Phil addresses Judge Penny Brown-Reynolds. "Tell me, if she signs this and then comes before you in the court, they do get a divorce, where is she?" he asks.

"She's out of everything," Judge Brown-Reynolds says. Looking at Gary she says, "There is no way you can expect anybody here today to believe, for one minute, that she's going to walk away with nothing, because it's not going to happen." 

"If she doesn't sign this postnuptial agreement and winds up in court, is he going to be able to say, ‘That was mine, and you get none of that'?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Absolutely not," Judge Brown-Reynolds says. "We don't put a robe on and somehow leave our common sense outside. This makes sense to everybody that this woman has stuck by your side."

"I brought the judge because I do think it's important that we have a reality check here," Dr. Phil says to Leah. "What she's telling you is if you sign, you're out. That will have to be respected by the court." Turning to Judge Brown-Reynolds he asks, "The fact that her name is not on the business, the fact that her name is not on a lot of this stuff, does that matter in the eyes of the court?"

"It has absolutely nothing to do with that," Judge Brown-Reynolds says. "They're in a jurisdiction whereby anything that you made after you all were married, she gets to share it. She can't take all of your business, because that's not going to happen. But if that business grew during the time of this marriage, she's entitled to it. It makes sense. It's only fair. It's the right thing to do." 
"Are you going to sign a postnup?" Dr. Phil asks Leah.

"No," she says. "I think he knows that."

Addressing Gary, Dr. Phil says, "I think that you are looking at this very one-sided. I think you are very self-centered." Turning to Leah he says, "I don't read him as somebody who is cheating on you."

"I'm glad somebody believes me on something," Gary says.

"I believe you on what's credible," Dr. Phil says. "This is non-credible. For you to be married to somebody for all these years and say, ‘I want you to leave with nothing.' I mean, come on. You didn't have to come here to know that's not credible."

At the end of the show, Dr. Phil tells Leah the same thing he told the previous guest, Darlene. "You would be a fool to sign this thing. If you can negotiate something to stay together, do, and if you can't, don't."