Silent Darkness: Cory and Surprises

<i>Through Your Eyes</i>

After his appearance on the Dr. Phil episode "Real Talent? Or Get Real!" Cory says he learned how to find his dream within himself by helping people like George and Liz. He went from struggling actor to producer and is now making a documentary on George and Liz's twins, called Through Your Eyes.
"Up to this point, there have been no documentaries done on deaf-blindness," Cory says. "Dr. Phil put that fire in me to find the stories myself, and this was one of them. And that's our goal: if they at some point in their life know who Dr. Phil is, that means we did our job."

Dr. Phil says, "I want everybody in America to buy [Through Your Eyes] because the money is going to help this family and these
children." He tells Cory, "Thank you so much for doing that."

"It was my pleasure," Cory says.

A music video, "Behind Those Eyes," was produced especially for the triplets by members of the band, Harwin. The video was directed by George and can be found on Cory's documentary, Through Your Eyes. To order your copy of Through Your Eyes to support The Deafblind Children's Fund and the triplets, go to



Dr. Phil has some surprises for George and Liz! What George and Liz need most for their daughters are intervenors. An intervenor is someone who specializes in working with deafblind children. They are the eyes and ears of these kids, like Anne Sullivan was to Helen Keller.


Mackenzie Levert is an intervenor who graduated with honors from George Brown College, one of the top schools in the world to teach intervenors. The cost for an intervenor is $50,000 a year per child. George was able to raise only $50,000 of the $150,000 needed for all three of his girls, but Mackenzie was kind enough to lower her rate
considerably so she could work with the triplets for one year. heard George and Liz's story and agreed to donate $50,000 to cover the expense of Mackenzie working with the triplets for an additional year. Matt Coffin, President and Founder of, presents George and Liz with the check.

In addition, The Perkins School for the Blind, where Helen Keller actually studied, has offered to provide a one-week evaluation which will include psychological and physical exams to help find out each specific need of the triplets, and they will work with Mackenzie to start preparing them for success.

Liz begins to cry.



Dr. Phil thinks reconnecting and spending some time alone is important for George and Liz, so is going to send them on a seven-day trip to Hawaii! They will stay at the Marriott Resort and Beach Club on the beautiful island of Kauai.


"This would be a great opportunity for George's parents to spend more time with their grandchildren," adds Dr. Phil. D'anna clasps her hands in delight.

Also, since George and Liz's daughter, Sarah, loves horses, she will be receiving a customized saddle made especially for her by 1975 Olympic Gold Medalist Equestrian Tad Coffin!

Everyone in the audience receives a copy of Jennifer Rothschild's book, Lessons I Learned in the Dark.

The Dr. Phil Foundation is proud to offer support to this family. To make a contribution to George and Liz's triplets, please go to