Silent Darkness Follow-Up: Surprises

Big Surprises

Dr. Phil stresses the importance of taking care of their relationship so that they can take care of their daughters. To put some fun and romance back into their marriage, Dr. Phil delivers some surprises: will give the couple two movie dates a month for the next two years.

"That's awesome," Liz says.

"Wow," George says.

"And no movie date should be without dinner, so The Cheesecake Factory is sending George and Liz out to dinner twice a month for the next year!" Dr. Phil reports.

Also, JC Penney will give George and Liz a $1,000 gift card for themselves and the girls. They also want to give Liz an assortment of fine jewelry, like the ring pictured here. And Liz and her 13-year-old daughter, Sara, will receive a complete day of beauty at their salon, with makeup from Sephora, so they can have some bonding time.

[AD]Liz looks touched.

"Obviously if any woman in America could use a little relaxation, it would be you," Dr. Phil tells Liz. Sanctuary Spa in Houston has agreed to provide her with a massage a month for one year!

"Oh, my goodness," she says.

Members of the Dr. Phil studio audience go home with a $50 gift card to The Cheesecake Factory, and a JC Penney gift card for $150!
To address the biggest need George and Liz have " the lack of proper help for their girls through an intervenor " Dr. Phil announces his big surprise.

Steve Davidson, President of The Dr. Phil Foundation says all donations will be kept in the trust for the triplets at Sterling Bank, which manages the trust at no cost to the family or to the Foundation.

Dr. Phil addresses his viewers. "If you are touched by this story, as so many of you have been, and you want to and can donate money, please go to and give whatever you can," he says.  

Donate here! 

After the show, Liz and George reflect backstage:


"Lynda is an absolutely answered prayer," George says.


"I felt directionless and lost without an intervenor in our home, and now I'm just excited to get the game back on and do what's best for the kids," Liz says.


[AD]"For Dr. Phil and the Foundation to step up like this, this is like a family, and it feels like we're part of it," George says.


"I don't even know how to comprehend it. I can't get my head around it," Liz says.