Sister-in-Law from Hell: Kelly

"Kelly has torn our family apart," says her sister-in-law, Marlo. "Kelly is just very disturbed, selfish, crazy, psycho " the family troublemaker."

"My brother, Tim, my sister-in-law, Marlo, and I are extremely angry," says Greg, Kelly's brother-in-law. "Kelly has caused a lot of problems in our family."

"I'm not really sure why my in-laws make me a target," says Kelly. "I'm a very outspoken person. I say what I think."


Kelly's father-in-law, Austin, says she's no angel. "Our family has been struck by The Destroyer. Kelly seems to operate in a Survivor reality game show mode to outwit, outlast and outplay the other girls in the family," he declares. 

"Kelly does harass family members. She spreads rumors," Marlo says.

"To my knowledge, I've never told lies about my in-laws," Kelly maintains.

Greg explains why he's on the outs with his in-law. "Kelly has personally attacked me. Kelly has made it a point to be in my business," he says.  

"My biggest problem with Greg is he is an angry, violent drunk," says Kelly. "At one point last year, Greg's ex-wife took out an order of protection against him. Greg's wife's attorney asked me if I would be willing to testify."

"Kelly showed up at the order of protection to cause more conflict. She had no business being there," says Greg.

"Greg has had a very difficult year with the divorce. Now it's her personal mission to make sure he suffers," says Marlo. "I know Kelly to have actually stalked Greg."

"Kelly has a friend, Jen, who lives a couple doors down from me. I was told by my brother, Tim, that Jen and Kelly were spying on me from Jen's house," Greg adds.

"Kelly created a series of hateful, absurd e-mails and sent them to Greg," says Tim. "The e-mails were malicious."

Marlo says she doesn't trust her sister-in-law. "When my husband and I were separated, Kelly had texted him and asked him what he was doing. He jokingly replied back that he was going to be going to a strip club. She then texted him back and asked could she join him," she recounts. "To me, it was a real stab in the back. 'Why are you texting my husband?'"

"Kelly has caused so much conflict and hurt, it's almost numbing now," says Greg.

Kelly's husband, Bill, comes to her defense. "Because my family doesn't understand Kelly and her personality, I think she gets treated unfairly by them," he says.

"We're at rock bottom," says Marlo. "There's nobody else who can deal with her. Dr. Phil, help us!"

Joining Dr. Phil onstage are Kelly and her husband, Bill, his brothers, Greg and Tim, and Tim's wife, Marlo. Kelly's mother-in-law, Lynn, and Lynn's husband, Austin, are in the audience.


Dr. Phil addresses Kelly. "What's going on here? Everybody seems to be pointing the finger at you. Are you, like, some kind of horrible, evil person?" he asks.

"I suppose, if you ask them," she replies.

"Why are they picking on you?"

"I was approached by an attorney for [Greg's] ex-wife "" Kelly begins.

"And she gleefully jumped in on that because she wants to take him down," Austin chimes in from the audience. "That is her agenda, to destroy this relationship."

"She's driven a wedge in this family time and time again," Tim adds.

Dr. Phil drills down to uncover the real bone of contention in the family. "Why were you there [at the court house], and why are you in Greg's business?" he asks Kelly.

"I was not in Greg's business," she replies.

"Is that true?" Dr. Phil asks. "You did show up at court. Did you follow him?"


"When he was with a female friend?"

"No," Kelly replies.

"Yes, you did," Marlo interjects.

"I did not follow him. I followed [the female friend]," Kelly explains.

"You followed her because of him," Marlo says.

"Did you just say, ‘No, I didn't follow him. I was actually following the person he was with'?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"Yes," Kelly replies.

"Did you attempt to videotape him?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I did attempt to videotape him at his home on a completely separate occasion," she answers, "because his stepfather asked for it."

"I asked you, ‘Why are you in his business?' and you said, ‘I'm not in his business,' but yet, you keep turning up in his business," Dr. Phil observes.