"I Do Fear Him"
"I think Rick is very controlling," says Sandy, of her son-in-law.<br><br>"Everything I do is through him, or for him or by him," says Denise, of her husband of one year.<br><br>"I get upset when I get accused of being controlling because I’m take charge, and I’m a leader," Rick says. <br><br>"My mother had made a reference to him being controlling. He told her she was nothing but a *; he was going to fight her in the front yard," Denise reveals. "The last time the police were here, he disconnected the home phone, and took my cell phone, and took the computer, took my keys. The cops came, and I guess they considered it a hostage situation because I had no way to get a hold of anybody and no way to go anywhere."<br><br>Denise also says that Rick can be very violent. "He would wrestle me for my phone and hold my wrists back as far as he could possibly go without breaking them," she shares.<br><br>"I did push Denise when she was nine months pregnant," Rick admits. <br><br>"I was walking out the door, and he pushed me to the ground, and all of the kids were in the room," Denise explains.<br><br>"It’s a lot easier to be a * than it is to be nice to my wife," Rick says.<br><br>[AD]Onstage, Rick tells Dr. Phil he believes his mother-in-law, Sandy, is over-involved.<br><br>Sandy shares her thoughts about Rick. She says Rick promised her that he would never put a hand on Denise. “It did not take long for that to change,” Sandy reveals.<br><br>“So, you think that he’s abusive?” Dr. Phil asks.<br><br>“Absolutely,” she replies.<br><br>Rick denies being abusive.<br>Dr. Phil asks Denise if Rick is controlling, and she says that he is in some ways. Dr. Phil drills down and learns that Rick will not let Denise control their money, go out with friends, leave the house without tracking her, and he buys her bras and underwear for her. And, when she gets a cup of coffee, he gives her the exact amount it should cost.

With Denise’s permission, Dr. Phil reads excerpts from her diary.

Dr. Phil asks Denise, “If he is all of these things, then why are you concerned if he’s off with somebody else?”

“I worry that he’s going to do things because he is so unhappy with me, and that bothers me,” she says.

“You want to save this marriage that has you feeling so completely empty, so hollowed out, such a shell that you don’t even know who you are anymore?” Dr. Phil asks Denise.

“I want things to change,” she says.

Rick admits he’s jealous of Denise and that he’s said, “I hope you’ll get fat, so nobody will want you.”

[AD]“Do you really think that’s going to make a woman attracted to you?” Dr. Phil asks.

“No,” Rick says, noting that he takes the keys from Denise when she threatens to drive off the side of a mountain during their fights.

Rick and Sandy engage in a heated exchange.

Dr. Phil gives Rick a stern warning. “You never put your hands on a woman in anger. You just don’t do that,” he says. “It is an unfair fight, and you will lose every time.” He adds that that type of behavior is physical abuse, and Rick can go to jail for behaving that way.