Children and In-Laws
"There have been several instances where my wife and I were fighting, and her first thing, instantly, she tells her mom," Rick says.

"Denise calls me because she doesn’t know what to do," Sandy says. "I think Denise would be better off if she was single again."

"My mother hates Rick. She wants Rick to go to jail," Denise says.

[AD]"Her mother told the Sheriff’s department that I was holding her hostage here. She had promised me, prior to that argument, that she wouldn’t include her mom in our business," Rick shares. "If Denise and I are having an argument, that’s for us to resolve. It’s not for somebody else to make the situation worse."

Dr. Phil weighs in on Sandy’s involvement in Denise and Rick’s relationship.

“The two of you need to grow up and behave yourselves.”Denise and Rick often don't see eye to eye when it comes to raising their combined five children.

"Our largest battle is definitely over the parenting. My wife, Denise, constantly undermines me," Rick says.

"When he starts yelling at the kids, he gets to the point that he’s degrading them," Denise says. "He usually fights with at least two of the kids in the morning before school, and he’s got at least two of them in tears before they leave."

[AD]In studio, Dr. Phil says to Rick, “You think she is too indulgent with the children." Turning to Denise, he says, “You think he is too harsh with the children.” Both agree. “Children are devious little critters, and they know how to divide and conquer,” Dr. Phil tells the couple. “This good cop, bad cop … you’re confusing the children. You’re fighting in front of the children. That changes who they are.”

Dr. Phil tells Denise and Rick what their kids need most now.