Smart Women, Dumb Choices? Josie

Still Spoiled and Entitled?
When Josie was last on the show, she caused an uproar with her inflammatory remarks about Jewish people, Asian women and interracial relationships.
Lisa Bloom sits down with Josie for a frank discussion. Has Josie changed?
Josie joins Lisa and Dr. Phil on stage. Referring to the young woman, Lisa says, "Josie hasn't developed any skills that are going to see her through." Turning to Josie, she says, "Yes, you might be able to get a reality show or get a bit part on some movie or television show, but what happens after that? These are only short-term goals. You have the whole rest of your life ahead of you. I think you're an intelligent young woman, by the way, after talking to you for a couple of hours. I think you should develop your mind and develop yourself into being a full human being."
"I read Lisa Bloom's book, and I've done some research and you were born with looks, brains and connections. So for you, you kind of had a path," Josie says.
"I know you have the drive, and I know you have the intelligence. I'm not saying you shouldn't look nice. We all want to look nice. The question is: what else have you got?" Lisa asks rhetorically.
[AD]"Lisa does deserve to have her book out, to be on Dr. Phil, to lead these shows, but there are a lot of people who went to UCLA, Harvard and Yale who are just as qualified, but she has the opportunity where her mother gave her some kind of chance," Josie tells Dr. Phil.
"Actually, I think that's very insulting," Dr. Phil admonishes the young woman. "I think Lisa is very accomplished in her own right. She is one of the hardest-working women you will ever find. Nobody gave her anything."
Lisa and Josie face off! Plus, Josie's mother, Alla, steps into the fray.
Dr. Phil introduces Lisa Bloom's fiancé, Braden. Gesturing to Josie, he asks, "What do you think about her attitude and strategy in Hollywood and in life?"
"I don't think it's a good strategy," Braden replies. Turning to Josie, he says, "Josie, you need to be what you want to attract. A successful man is looking for an equal. He's looking for a partner. He's looking for someone to share his ideas with; he's not looking for someone to take care of. What strikes me is your perspective. You think this show, and Lisa's book, is about you. It's not. Actually, it's quite the opposite. It's about not being like you."
Josie unleashes her attitude on Braden. "You are not a real man. You are looking for women who can offer you something," she declares. "[Lisa] is more successful than you."
[AD]Braden's friend, Joey, speaks up. "I come from a Jewish family too, and I have a family that says, ‘Marry Jewish,' but now, I'll be happy if I marry somebody I fall in love with," he says.
When Josie learns that Joey is 39, she says, "There's something wrong if you haven't been picked off the market. Thirty nine years old and never been married?"
Turning to Dr. Phil, she says, "What is this, Dr. Phil? Bring me a six-foot-three [Steven] Spielberg," meaning that Braden and Joey don't embody her ideals of successful Jewish industry executives.
"Do they want you, Josie?" Braden fires back. "What are you bringing to the table?"
"I will say this, you can work more insults into a sentence or paragraph than just about anybody I know," Dr. Phil tells Josie.
"You know how some women get into this mindset, true?" Dr. Phil asks Lisa.
"I think we become dazzled by reality shows and tabloid media because there are very attractive, pretty women with beautiful clothes, and we all want to watch that initially, but I think it really distorts our mind and frankly, lowers our IQ to think that that's a goal in life instead of having a meaningful life," Lisa says.
[AD]She tells Josie that if she wants a successful Jewish man, she should listen to what Braden and Joey have to say.
"I don't think he's successful," Josie says flippantly, referring to Braden. "I think you could do better, honestly."
Lisa gets in Josie's face. "Please don't insult my man. It's one thing to insult me, don't insult my man."