Obsessed with the Limelight
"I'm obsessed with looking perfect and becoming famous. I have the total package. I'm good looking, tall, curvy, voluptuous. I have star quality. I'm definitely too big for the small city that I'm in," Tiffany boasts. "Being superficial and being bitchy are two of my best qualities. My saying is, ‘Beauty over books.' Being beautiful is more important than being smart."
Tiffany reveals that she spends thousands of dollars per month maintaining her image. "Plastic surgery is a better investment than obtaining my college degree," says the 30-year-old mother of three, who admits that she underwent gastric bypass surgery, lip injections, rhinoplasty and Botox. "I want a mini facelift, another nose job, tummy tuck, liposuction, veneers and a Brazilian butt lift. There's no extreme that I wouldn't take to have Kim Kardashian's body."
Tiffany says she would sell her soul to the devil to be on a reality TV show. "I tell my sister all the time that you can make millions of dollars being a celebrity or reality star. You can never make that kind of money going to college and getting your degree. I don't see anything wrong with women dumbing themselves down if it's going to advance their career. Anyone that would call me superficial and bitchy, I would tell them: ‘Sit down, shut up and pick up a tabloid. There are reality stars all over it.' If Dr. Phil told me to walk down Hollywood Boulevard naked to get a reality show, I wouldn't think twice about doing it."
"Wouldn't think twice?" Dr. Phil asks, referring to Tiffany's last comment in her videotaped interview. "You'd walk right down Hollywood Boulevard naked?"

[AD]"I'd sit here naked, if that's what you wanted me to do," she says with a laugh.
"Uh, no. That's OK," Dr. Phil says quickly. Noting that Tiffany is obsessed with her appearance, he says, "Are you intelligent?"
"I am, but I'm good looking as well. That's my number one priority."
"Why does it have to be either/or?" Dr. Phil asks.
"I'd rather look good than have my MBA. I think I'll get further in life looking good than going to college."

You said you would sell your soul to the devil to be a reality star, be famous, be rich," Dr. Phil points out. "What's the fascination with that?"

"They're everywhere," Tiffany insists. "Reality stars are on all the magazines. They're doing commercials. They're doing endorsements. You'd rather be a reality star than an A-list actor. People want to look at good-looking people."
"And you're good looking?"
"Absolutely. Would you all agree?" When Tiffany receives scattered applause, she says, "I understand, looking out in the audience."
"What?" Dr. Phil asks.
"It just seems like it's the Senior Citizens show."
Dr. Phil walks toward a group of young women in the audience and asks them to stand. "These are senior citizens?" he asks Tiffany, perplexed. "The average age here has got to be 25."
In a videotaped piece, Tiffany's sister, Sonya, weighs in on her sister's diva attitude. "My sister, Tiffany, is crazy. She would rather be beautiful and dumb than ugly and smart. I am adamantly against her living in this fantasy world. She walks around like she's already famous. She needs to take it down a notch," Sonya says.
Hear what else annoys Sonya about her sister. And, Dr. Phil gives Tiffany a reality check she didn't bargain for!
Dr. Phil turns to Sonya, "What do you think about her attitude?" he asks.
"Her attitude is disgusting. She thinks she's better than people. There comes a time in life when you just need to grow up, and accept responsibility and stop living in a fantasy world," Sonya answers. "She already walks around like she's famous. In the dressing room, she wanted me to go down and get her dresses and actually lotion up her legs for her."