Professional Judger

"You call yourself a professional judger," Dr. Phil says to Joel.

"I'm paid to write a column for TIME, so that makes me a professional. It doesn't make me better at it," he says. "I just state everything with a lot of confidence, and that seems to work. You don't have to be right."

"Not always right but never in doubt," Dr. Phil says.

"Totally," he says.

[AD]Dr. Phil mentions that some Americans are critical of how much time President Obama has spent in the spotlight since he's been in office. "One woman in Iowa was so upset that she placed this classified ad in the paper," he says. Reading the ad, he continues, "'For sale: TV set. Reason for selling: Obama on every channel and station.'" He asks Joel if he thinks the President is getting too much face time on TV.

"Well, I don't think our founders were worried that our president would be talking to us too much. I don't think that was their gravest concern. I think Bush probably talked to us too rarely," Joes says.


"Well, you heard him talk," Dr. Phil jokes. "I mean come on."

"A lot of folks thought the President made a snap judgment when he called a police officer in Massachusetts stupid when he arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates in his own home," Dr. Phil says. "Was he wrong in saying what he said?"

"No. I mean it seems stupid to arrest a professor in his own home," Joel says. "But I think the way they resolved it was pretty cool," he says, referring to what was dubbed the "beer summit" when the men gathered to make ammends over a beer.

"But why is he involved in that anyway? Dr. Phil asks.

"It was a question asked during a press conference. He gets asked all kinds of questions. He gets mostly asked about health care and no one cares, because it's boring," Joel says. "This was much more exciting."


[AD]Dr. Phil also mentions the story from Longbranch, New Jersey, where the police got a call about a homeless guy snooping around a house for sale, and it was actually the singer Bob Dylan, who was just out for a walk. He asks Joel, "Would you make a snap judgment if you saw this guy walking down the street?"

"Oh, I've always thought Bob Dylan was homeless. He mumbles, he dresses like that, he never quite shaves. That's a call I would make," Joel says.