Double Trouble?

Pam and Deja are 21-year-old identical twins who say they want people to stop being judgmental toward them. Pam tells Dr. Phil, "Everywhere we go, we hear stuff, doesn't matter where we are."

Deja says, "Doesn't matter what we're wearing, doesn't matter who we're with."

"I think it's because of the twin factor, we hear stuff more. I don't know what it is. When she was blonde, it was a lot worse," Pam says about her sister.

The siblings say they often get called dirty names when they're out and about and are even accused of being too skinny. They say women are usually the ones yelling mean things at them. "Girls are vicious," Deja says. "Every girl knows that girls are vicious."

[AD]Pam explains that a woman called her a whore when she was at the grocery store.


Deja says she gets more respect since she has dyed her hair, but people still treat Pam poorly. She explains that one man even refused to take directions from Pam, even though Pam knew the area.

As nannies, Pam and Deja say they often have trouble finding work because wives aren't willing to hire them because of the way they look.

"Some of it's a compliment, and you have to take it that way, even though it comes in a bad way," Dr. Phil says.