Name Dropping

Emmy Award-winning writer and Los Angeles Times contributor Teresa Strasser is expecting her first baby. When she started sharing her baby name ideas on the Internet, she found people to be very judgmental.


She hits the streets of Los Angeles to see what people think of her choices.

Teresa joins Dr. Phil's previous guest, Joel Stein, onstage. She tells Dr. Phil she's delivering her child is six weeks and still doesn't have a name picked out. "We've just started calling him Buster. I hope that does not stick," she says.

[AD]Joel and his wife just had a child, and Teresa wants to steal the name they chose: Lazlo. "Lazlo's a great name. It's a Hungarian name. I'm Hungarian, but I can't boost it," she says.


"Why? He's given you permission," Dr. Phil says.

"I would like there to be more Lazlos, so it's less weird," Joel says.

"Well, I'll tell you why it's perfect, because there's a name sweet spot. It's a name that's not too original, and it's not too common, and Lazlo's right there, and I can't find a name as good," she says.

"You need to quit calling him Buster, unless you want him to be Buster," Dr. Phil tells her.

"I know," she says. Teresa says choosing a girl's name is easier. "For a girl, there's a simple test, and that is the lawyer/blind date test. Like, if I said, ‘You're in a little trouble, your court-appointed lawyer is Ruth,' you'd say, ‘Great. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that's a serious woman.' But if I said, ‘Meet your lawyer, Krystal with a K,' you'd be concerned."

"Or Muffy," Dr. Phil adds. "Here's your lawyer, Muffy."

Teresa laughs. "If I said ‘I'm going to fix you up on a blind date. My cousin, she's gorgeous, but um, she's Bertha.' Or Eunice. You might be concerned," she says.

"Yeah. No, I wouldn't go," Dr. Phil says. He asks Joel and Teresa if they would hire his previous guests, Pam and Deja, as nannies.

Joel says, "No way." He looks to the young women in the audience and says, "I wouldn't let my neighbors hire you."

[AD]"Listen, Mary Poppins they are not, but I would hire them," Teresa says. "They seem responsible."

Joel explains, "Look, if I'm dieting, I'm not going to put a bunch of chocolate in my house."


The twins laugh.


Teresa says she talked with the girls earlier about their names, because Deja says people either think she's a stripper, or that her twin sister's name is Vu.


"At least your parents didn't do that to you," Dr. Phil jokes.