A Parent's Worst Nightmare

Chelsea King, a 17-year-old honor student, went for a jog on February 25, 2010 but never returned. Police found her body on March 2 in a shallow grave near a lake in San Diego, California. John Gardner III, a 30-year-old registered sex offender, was recently arrested in connection with the teen's disappearance. The tragedy rocked the close-knit community, and more than 6,000 mourners gathered to remember the straight-A student.


Dr. Phil introduces Nathan Fletcher, an assemblyman who represents California's 75th district, which includes San Diego. "What are you working on?" Dr. Phil asks.

"We're working with the parents, Brent and Kelly. This is every parent's worst nightmare," Assemblyman Fletcher replies. "We heard how, in 1968, the system failed Tali. Forty years later, the system failed Chelsea. We can look at changes for the parole system, we can look at changes for GPS tracking and monitoring, but at the end of the day, a sexually violent predator who targets a child, I don't think that person can be rehabilitated. We've got to take a long hard look at locking those folks up for the rest of their life." [AD]


"People released from prison over the last five years or so, 70 percent have re-offended in one way or another and been sent back to prison," Tony says.

"[There are] over 100,000 registered sex offenders just in California, three-quarters of a million in America," Clint adds. "There are 100,000, Dr. Phil, we don't even know where they're at today."

Robert and Bruce honor the memory of their slain sisters.