Spend the Day With Dr. Phil: Muppets

The New Muppet
Dr. Phil meets the newest member of Sesame Street.
Two-year-old Makayla, 6-year-old Lindsey and 4-year-old Caitlyn won the chance to meet Dr. Phil and some of The Muppets. They join other children in the
audience as Dr. Phil introduces the newest member of the Sesame Street family: Dr. Feel!

Dr. Feel explains to Dr. Phil and the audience that his job is to help kids learn about their feelings.

Dr. Feel says he brought a couple of his "patients" with him, and Elmo pops up on stage.

Elmo says hi to the children in the audience, and the children are delighted.

"Actually, I think there's another Muppet here somewhere," hints Dr. Phil, and out walks Big Bird. The children in the audience scream and cheer.

"Wow, you are a big bird," says Dr. Phil.

"You're kind of a little fellow, aren't you?" asks Big Bird.

"Well, compared to you I am," replies Dr. Phil. "Dr. Feel will tell you, I'm feeling really small right now."

Dr. Feel explains that he's been working with Big Bird to help him get in touch with his "inner egg."

Dr. Phil invites the children to come up on stage to sing a song with The Muppets.

The children rush the stage, and some of them even get kisses from Elmo!

Everyone sings "Sunny Day" and Dr. Phil thanks The Muppets for their visit.

Dr. Phil loved all the videos that kids sent in, but because he couldn't pick everybody, the kids who were not chosen will be getting a Chicken Dancer Elmo toy from Fisher Price. (Please note: only the children who already sent in tapes will be receiving the Fisher Price toy.)