Still Spoiled?
Erica Rose and Josie Goldberg describe how their lives have changed since their last appearance,
"Since being on Dr. Phil, I've found that it's really important to give back. I'm involved in a luncheon to help raise money for inner city schools," says Erica.
"Dr. Phil, since I was on your show, I've had a lot of ups and downs. I knew that my parents were going to cut me off, and they're slowly starting to do it," Josie shares.
"I learned that I have a better understanding of what things cost in my world," says Erica. On the last show, Dr. Phil asked the 27-year-old a series of questions to test her financial savvy. She got most of them wrong.
[AD]Now Erica says she feels vindicated. "I did do my research. The average price of a house in my parents' neighborhood is actually two million dollars. So I was right about that," she says. "I was thrown off when Dr. Phil tried to say that the average price of a house in my parents' neighborhood is, like, $159,000. That might be the average price of a house in my housekeeper's neighborhood."
Josie defends her statements on the show. "Dr. Phil said that I offended his audience. Everything I said on the show is 155 percent what I feel. I'm not a racist. I represent a lot of the Jewish people out there who think like this," she declares.
When Josie was last on the show, she said she felt slighted because there was no fanfare when she walked onstage. Dr. Phil gives her a chance to make a grand entrance. Accompanied by strobe lights and theme music, the 28-year-old struts onstage. A slideshow of pictures from her red carpet events plays in the background as she takes a seat.
"These are excellent photos. I'm happier, Dr. Phil!" she exclaims.
"How was your entrance this time?" Dr. Phil asks.
"This is your level, Dr. Phil. You're number one, and this is what I expect from you."
Although Josie has her supporters, she also has detractors with Team Reality, a group of audience members who disapprove of her attitude. Dr. Phil turns to a young woman named Jillisa.
"So you think she's just outrageous?" he asks Jillisa.
"Right," Jillisa answers. She addresses Josie. "First off, I'd like to say that I'm Jewish, Puerto Rican and Italian, so I'm happy that my father went outside of his race, because I turned out amazing. I moved to California a year and a half ago with $500 in my pocket and my car packed. And in a year a half, I've done 15 music videos, 10 movies, five magazine covers and many more on my own. No man, no money. You disgust me!"
[AD]"Jillisa, thank you very much for your opinion. However, according to the Torah, you're not Jewish, because you're only Jewish if your mother is Jewish," Josie says. "So your opinion, on behalf of the Jewish people, doesn't count."
Turning to Dr. Phil, Josie says, "What bothers me is Jewish men who are hypocrites. They come to the temple, they say they love the Torah, they kiss the little kids, they pretend that they're these Jewish people, and then when it comes to falling in love, they pick somebody who is completely opposite. If you love the Torah, and if you love Israel, and you stand for the state of Israel, then you will fall in love with a Jewish woman."