Tough Talk about Talent
Alla joins her daughter, Josie, onstage. Dr. Phil also welcomes to the show Kelly Cutrone, PR whiz, Dr. Phil special contributor and author of If You Have to Cry, Go Outside … and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You.
Dr. Phil addresses Josie. "You said you wished that out of being with Kelly and/or being here, that you got two things: one would be a three- or four-page editorial in Vogue," he says.
"Yes," Josie replies.
"Which is never, ever, going to happen in the history of your life," Kelly says. "I'm a publicist; not a magician."
Watch what happens when Josie flies to New York to be Kelly's intern for a fashion shoot.
"So how did this go for you?" Dr. Phil asks Kelly when the tape ends.
[AD]"It was probably one of the worst days of my career, I would say," she answers. "I've had some pretty bad days, being in the entertainment business for 15 years, but I've never, ever seen somebody who has such toxic energy and requires so much attention for simple tasks. The last time on the show, I told her that SAG has really good mental health insurance, and I really meant it. I really think she is suffering from a very, very, very serious mental disorder."
"Dr. Phil, my daughter went to New York out of respect to you," Alla chimes in. "If it was my decision, I would never allow it. She's 28 years old, but still she ""
"She's very dependent on you," Kelly interjects.
"Kelly, it's my time to talk. Can you just sit there and listen to what I have to say?" Alla says. She turns to Dr. Phil. "Last time I was on your show, you brought Kelly. Is she an expert witness? Is she a psychologist? Is she trained to be a clinical psychologist? She told Josie she needs to go see a mental health [professional]. You, as a psychologist, know better than that."
"It's her opinion. She's entitled to her opinion," Dr. Phil responds.
"We already know that Kelly thinks I'm a fat ass. She thinks I'm mental. She thinks I'm ugly. She thinks I'm never going to make it. We already established that," Josie says.
"I don't think you're ugly," Kelly says.
"I went to New York for two days, and I wanted to go learn something, maybe work with Kelly. Maybe she could teach me how to market myself better. I thought this was going to be a positive experience," Josie tells Dr. Phil. "I'm a little bit upset with your team because I thought that out of respect toward you, Kelly would have been a little bit more professional. Because you, Dr. Phil, you represent America, Middle America, and Kelly says things as an abuser."
[AD]"Do you consider yourself high maintenance?" Dr. Phil asks her.
"Some days, yes, some days, no," she responds.
"Have you been high maintenance here?"
"I don't think so."
"I have interviewed the biggest names in the world on this show. I did the first interview with a sitting president on this show and the first lady. Oprah's been here, Cher's been here " you name it " and not one of them has had a single demand," Dr. Phil tells Josie.
"Dr. Phil, she's an obnoxious, arrogant, bitter woman from New York with a loud mouth," Alla says of Kelly.
"Do you agree with Kelly's opinion of me?" Josie asks Dr. Phil. "Do you agree that I will never be in Vogue, that I'm never going to be a celebrity and that I have no talent?"
"No, I don't think you're ever going to be in Vogue, because I don't know what they would write about. Do I think you have talent? I don't know," Dr. Phil says. "I haven't seen you act. I haven't seen you sing. I haven't seen you dance. I have no idea whether you have any talent or not. How would I know that?"
"OK, Dr. Phil. That's fine," Josie says.
"Do I think you're ugly? I don't think you're ugly," Dr. Phil adds.
"Do you think I'm beautiful? I mean, you're too old for me, and you have a wife, but do you think I'm a beautiful woman?" Josie presses.
[AD]"I think you have an attractive presentation," Dr. Phil responds.
"When are you going to realize you are fighting with the whole world?" Kelly asks Josie.
"Kelly, this is reality TV, and you are a part of it," Alla counters.
"I'm a New York Times best-selling author in the self-help and empowerment section," Kelly shoots back. "My mother is not running around telling me that I'm great when I'm acting like a compulsive idiot!"
The women continue to bicker.