The Sugar Babies
Jennifer is a 28-year-old medical student and a single mom who has gotten about $55,000 from her sugar daddies. "I'm on the site because I have three children and conventional relationships don't work for me," she says. "I have no regrets with being a sugar baby. With my monthly allowance that I get from my sugar daddies, I pay my school bills, rent; I even purchased a new car with cash. My last sugar daddy would sometimes book trips just for me to go on alone. He would write me a blank check, give me two credit cards with zero balance and a couple hundred dollars in cash, just in case."

Kristen is a 21-year-old pre-law major who has two sugar daddies. She's received about $80,000 from her arrangements. "I'm a super-sexy sugar baby, and I'm so proud of it," she says. "You can walk down the street and find any old nasty hooker, but these guys want a whole girlfriend experience, and that's what I provide. I figured I'm only going to be hot for a little while, so I need to get the money while I can."

Tracy is a 31-year-old unemployed sugar baby with three sugar daddies. "I'm a sugar baby from Washington D.C.," she says. "Being a sugar baby has helped me pay for a lifestyle. As a sugar baby, I do treat it like a business. I have a sugar daddy who, when he gives me money, we have this little thing where I'll open up my Gucci bag and tell him that it's still hungry, and he'll drop money in it. I have three cars that are all paid for. I have Louis Vuitton bags, Gucci bags, and eat at the best restaurants " and at the end of the day, [girls not living the sugar lifestyle] are eating cheeseburgers from McDonald's. Who's stupider?"

[AD]Janelle is a 30-year-old personal trainer with four sugar daddies. She's pulled in about $40,000 from her arrangements. "I love being a sugar baby," she says. "The main sugar daddies that I've dated: men in politics, attorneys. My sugar daddies have paid rent; they pay for presents, trips, money for shopping, tanning, getting my hair done, going to the spa. I have a BMW X5. I'm making at least $5,000 a month. I would rather not spend my hard-earned money on bills when someone else is more than happy to pay it."
Kristen tells Dr. Phil she's proud of her lifestyle. "Why be ashamed of something that any girl would do if they could?" she asks.

"What is the ‘it' that you're proud of, and where does the pride flow from?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm proud of the fact that men want to spend thousands of dollars just to hang out with me," she says.

"So, you like the fact that you are a marketable commodity. People will pay to be in your presence," he says.

"Yes," she says. "I get money, I get rent, I get cars, I get cell phone bills paid. I get everything."

Kristen says an average month brings in $8-10,000.

"I assume this is tax-free?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Of course. How would I pay taxes on that?" Kristen says with a laugh.

"How would you write that down if you were reporting it?"

"Um, I don't," she says.

"OK, and you're pre-law, right?" Dr. Phil asks. She confirms, and Dr. Phil smiles.

Jennifer, who has three kids, has had four sugar daddies and has only been intimate with two of them. Jennifer says in the past three years, she's made about $40,000 in cash and $15,000 in gifts.

"How does that work? How do you actually get the money?" Dr. Phil inquires.

[AD]"They give it to me," she says matter-of-factly. Jennifer says one sugar daddy gave her a blank check and two credit cards. She says she returned the check. She only wanted it in case of an emergency, but didn't need it.

Tracy explains how her process works: "We usually start out with an email through and what we do is we designate a place to meet, definitely public. Safety is key when you do this. We pick a public place, just like you would if you were going out on a first date with someone," she says. Tracy guesses that she's only had sex with five to 10 sugar daddies over a three-year period. Tracy prefers making a monthly allowance arrangement, either in cash or gifts.
Who's got a better deal: the girlfriend or the sugar baby?

Janelle says that her process is similar to Tracy's. She's only been on the site for less than a year and has made approximately $40,000. She says she has four main sugar daddies that she knows she can count on when she needs them, including when she needs to go shopping. She explains that before coming to California, a sugar daddy sent her money for the trip via PayPal.

Dr. Phil quips, "Not sure that's the kind of pal they had in mind."

Dr. Phil gets right to the point: "Are y'all hookers?"

Janelle explains that the married men she's seen were older men who worked their whole lives for the financial success that they now have, and they never signed a pre-nuptial agreement when they got married, so they feel they can't get a divorce. Having an arrangement is easier for them than trying to find a mistress.

"I don't see married men," Jennifer says. "And I only see one man at a time."

[AD]"For a price," Dr. Phil adds.

"For a monthly allowance," she clarifies.

Kristen explains why what she's doing isn't prostitution.