Real Daddy vs. Sugar Daddy
Louie is a father who recently discovered that his 22-year-old daughter is a member of Brandon's website. He says Brandon is a glorified pimp, and he should be prosecuted.

Louie explains that his daughter wrote into the show and producers contacted her and then called Louie. That's how he found out about her new pastime. "Unfortunately, she was bragging, just like these young women are bragging about it. I was very, very upset," he says. Louie didn't want his daughter to be on the show, so he came to talk in her place.

[AD]"I don't think that your daughter, or any of these four ladies here are evil; I think they're misguided," Dr. Phil tells him. "I think they're seriously misguided. I do think they're exploited. I think that they believe that there's some sort of legitimacy because it's on the web instead of the street corner, and because there's a lot of flowery words, like ‘mutual benefits' and we've got a wordsmith over here who could spin the sun rise," he says, indicating Kristen, "and they just decide it's OK. And it is easy money, right? But the point is, that now lives with her the rest of her life."

Louie says his daughter is very smart and wants to be a paralegal. He doesn't understand how she got mixed up with this site. "It's glorified prostitution at best," he says.

Tracy argues that it's no different than going to an expensive hotel lobby to meet wealthy men.

"Let's talk about that," Dr. Phil says. "Let's say you're at some 5-star hotel and you're in the bar, and some guy walks up and he starts chatting you up a little bit, and he says, ‘Nice Gucci purse. What if I drop $500 in here? Would you like to go upstairs?' What would you say?"

"I would say absolutely not," she says. Tracy says the site provides more information on the man so you can get to know him.

"All you know is they have a computer and $500!" Dr. Phil argues. "That's what you know about them."

Kristen argues that the men on the site have their wealth and identity verified.

"Oh, OK, so let me ask you then," Dr. Phil says, turning to Brandon. "So, you're willing to vouch for every single one of these sugar daddies, their mental health, their criminal history? So, you will stand by these girls and if one of these girls gets raped, you will stand for it?"

"No " "

"So you admit liability?"

[AD]"No, not at all."

"Are you certifying these people as safe?"

Brandon clarifies that his company certifies a man's wealth.

"So, you say how much money they've got. That's all you certify," Dr. Phil says.

Sunny tells Kristen, "Let me tell you this straight: You are a prostitute." She tells Brandon, "You are a pimp … The law will catch up with this. And perhaps there's that federal prosecutor watching this show, and they're going to knock on your door."Dr. Phil's next guest was supposed to be a man who's proud of being a sugar daddy. Dr. Phil explains, "He was sitting in the audience watching the show up until now, and as soon as we took a break, he took a break. So, he's out the back door, and I guess maybe I was too persuasive that this isn't as mainstream as you think it is."

"Surprise, surprise," Sunny says, laughing.

Brandon accuses Dr. Phil of taking a tough stance and not allowing him and the ladies speak their minds about their relationships.

Dr. Phil argues, "You've been filibustering since you got up here. What do you mean I haven't let you speak you mind? You've been giving Fourth of July speeches since you got here."

"But you haven't been taking a really unbiased view about the pros as well as the cons," he says.

"Look, I call ‘em as I see ‘em," Dr. Phil says.

[AD]Dr. Phil polls his audience: Those who think there's no problem with Brandon's website should stand up. Of the six people who stand, one is a writer of a blog that supports the sugar lifestyle, one is a staff member of the website, and one is Brandon's girlfriend.

Dr. Phil asks his audience who doesn't think the website is OK, and just about the entire group stand up.

Kristen accuses the rest of the audience of being too fat, ugly or old to be on the site, so that's why they wouldn't support it.
Dr. Phil tells the women that they have plenty to offer men. "From a guy's point of view, I can tell you what guys say among themselves about this kind of situation when you're not there. This is not in your best interest. I think that in your heart of hearts, you can't possibly feel good that you're putting a price on yourself, that somebody wouldn't want to be with you just to be with you. My point is, if you do this, you never know. All the time you're doing this, you're not forming a meaningful relationship that is based on mutual care, concern, love, regard, commitment and future planning."

Dr. Phil gives Brandon a final chance to speak.

"Not all sugar babies are gold diggers, but they are goal diggers. G-O-A-L. They all have goals," he says, explaining that most of the women on his site have a college education or are working toward one, trying to become financially-independent adults like Sunny. He claims that 180,000 college girls from top universities are a part of this site.

[AD]"A lot of young women are doing this, and to me, that is disturbing," Dr. Phil says. "If you had a daughter, would you want her on the site?"

"I absolutely would," Brandon says. "There's nothing wrong with my daughter wanting to date a man who's wealthy, who's generous and who can really help them achieve their goals."

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