Suing for Love: Bonnie

Suing for Love: Bonnie

"My ex-boyfriend, Charlie, is despicable, deceitful, a liar and a thief. I want to get him back for what he did to me," says Bonnie, who

dated Charles for four years. "When I broke up with Charlie, he sent out this manuscript called, The Bonnie Chronicles, to everyone in my family, my friends and co-workers. In The Bonnie Chronicles, he said I was bipolar. I had AIDS. He claims I was a whore and cheating on him. It was just horrible, and none of it is true."


Bonnie says that their relationship started off well. "I felt like we were a match," she shares. Things changed when Charles moved in to her house. "It was dysfunctiona

l. He started questioning me about my old boyfriends. He was convinced I was having an affair. He was very jealous. When I talked on the phone, Charlie would say, ‘Has your boyfriend called?' He had my phone tapped."


Charles claims Bonnie left him at least once every year. "When Bonnie cheated on me, it hurt the most I have ever hurt in my life," he reveals.


Bonnie and Charles broke up several times during their courtship. "The final breakup was when he was supposed to be at boys' night out, and instead

it was boys and their wives, and I was not included. That was the last straw," Bonnie says. "The next day, he said if I refused to give him my bed, my computer, my camera, and half the profits of the house, he was going to send this book of lies to everyone in my family, my friends and my co-workers ... I told him to take his book and shove it."

Two weeks after Bonnie called it quits, The Bonnie Chronicles was waiting for her at her doorstep. "It was like being struck in the heart with a knife. I had not a clue that Charlie was keeping a journal. He had been writing from d

ay one. He accused me of spreading AIDS. I was a danger to the community," she laments. "I panicked. I worked as a teacher. He sent one to my co-worker at the school where I was working, and from there it went to the supervisors."


Charles admits to distributing the writing. "If your name is in that, you may have gotten a copy," he says. "Her place of business asked me for a copy. That's why they got it."


After her employer received The Bonnie Chronicles, Bonnie went to great lengths to clear her name. "I had to prove via documents from my doctor that I did not have AIDS, and I had to have three conferences to prove that I wasn't a harm to the children," she explains. "This was all so humiliating. I resigned to get away from that mess." Bonnie says the book has also strained her relationships with her family. "The Bonnie Chronicles cost me dearly. I've lost the love of my sister, brothers and aunts ...

The Bonnie Chronicles have affected my self-esteem. I felt unworthy, dirty, gullible. I've had to work on trust daily. The whole relationship was bogus."


Bonnie hired an attorney and sued Charles. "My defense has always been the same. I have never had AIDS. I'm not bipolar. I'm not a threat to anyone," she says. "The jury awarded $52,000 to me. I probably will never see a penny."


Charles shares, "If I had the money, I would pay her just to get rid of her."


Bonnie says that Charlie has never apologized to her. "Charlie has never displayed any remorse or regret," she says. "If I was alone with him, I'd want a gun, a knife, a machete. He is wicked. Charlie did everything he could to destroy my life."

"You didn't see this coming at all," Dr. Phil says to Bonnie.

"I didn't have a clue," she says. "I thought I loved Charles."

Holding up a copy of The Bonnie Chronicles, Dr. Phil says, "We're talking about a manuscript here of things you say are lies and misrepresentations and defamatory."

"They're wicked, hurtful accusations. Every

thing in there is humiliating and unthinkable," Bonnie says.

"Why did he do it?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I think he did everything possible to humiliate me, to ruin my reputation, to hurt the love that I had for my family, because he's never had that," she says.


"He has said that you had a lot of outrageous behavior," Dr. Phil says. "You kicked in the door to his apartment, called his ex-wife the B-word in the grocery store and swung a bat at her."

"Those are all ridiculous accusations," Bonnie maintains. She explains that she sued Charlie for defamation of character, based on what he wrote in The Bonnie Chronicles. "The jury deliberated, and it took 20 minutes. They came in, and I got the judgment of $52,000," she says.

"Has he paid you the money?" Dr. Phil probes.


"Not a penny," she says, noting that she originally sued for $350,000 for punitive damages and $150,000 for compensatory damages.