Suing for Love: Family and Friends

Suing for Love: Family and Friends

"Since Bonnie was in the picture, we weren't a family anymore. It disrupted our lives completely," says Sandra, Charles' ex-wife with whom he has two daughters. "Bonnie came to my place of

work, and she called me a bitch twice. Bonnie was grocery shopping. She picked up a whiffle baseball bat and glared at me and started swinging."


"Bonnie is not the type of person to call anybody any names like that," says Sharon, Bonnie's best friend. She adds that Bonnie never swung the bat at Sandra either. "I read The Bonnie Chronicles, and I realized that Charlie was very ill. I told Bonnie that she needed to leave him."


Sandra, one of Charles' daughters, reveals, "I never thought that Bonnie and my father should be together."


Kimberly, a former neighbor of Charles, shares, "Bonnie presented to me as a person with a bipolar attitude. Me being a nurse, I could kind of pick up on these things."


Sharon says that the town where Bonnie and Charles live is very small and everyone knows each other. "Everybody talks," she says. "Bonnie's been hurt. She's been angry."


Sandra, Charles' ex, claims that Bonnie distributed a flier around Charles' neighborhood with a picture of him and text alluding that he is a stalker and a thief.


"It's going to be on the records forevermore that he's some bad guy, and he's not. She's the bad person," says Charles' daughter.


Sharon maintains that Charles is the one causing problems. "Charlie has told one lie after another purposely to harm Bonnie. So, what's the next step? I think it's murder," she says.

Dr. Phil, Bonnie and Charles are joined onstage by Bonnie's best friend, Sharon, and Sandra, Charles' ex-wife, whom he is now seeing. To Sharon,

Dr. Phil says, "You said that he actually called you and said what?"

"He said that she was basically messing around with every Tom, Dick and Harry, and that she had HIV, and that he wanted to make sure that he told the Board of Education because he didn't want her to give HIV to the children, and that he was going to do everything he could to put a stop to that," she says.

"Is that a true rendition of your phone call?" Dr. Phil asks Charles.

"I don't think so," he says, as he sits with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Did you say she was messing around and being promiscuous?" Dr. Phil asks.

"We did talk a little, and I might have," Charles admits. "I can't remember. If it's not in the journal, then " " He shrugs.


"I feel like I woke up in that movie Cocoon," Dr. Phil jokes.

Dr. Phil asks Sandra about the time when she says Bonnie came after her with a bat. Sandra says it was while she was working in the grocery store and Bonnie picked up a bat at the store and started swinging it in a threatening way.

"That never happened," Bonnie says.

"When you were with Charles, were you out tramping around?" Dr. Phil asks Bonnie.

"No. They're all lies. Unbelievable," she says.

"You don't strike me as the type to be out trolloping around," Dr. Phil tells her.


"I work hard to enjoy my family," Bonnie says.


"You say you've moved on, but the truth is you aren't done with him yet, right?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I've moved on emotionally and with my life, but I'm not finished as far as legally," she says. "I'm taking him to court. I'm suing him for perjury for lying to the jury and the judge."

Dr. Phil points out that a perjury charge is usually filed through the District Attorney. Bonnie concurs and explains that she is going to ask him to file the charges.


Turning to Charles, Dr. Phil asks, "Are you going to pay her the $52,000?"

"Do you have it on you?" Charles asks. "I don't have $52,000."

"Do you intend to apologize?" Dr. Phil probes.

"For?" Charles asks.

"For telling lies about her," Dr. Phil says.

"I never told a single lie," Charles maintains.

When Dr. Phil mentions Bonnie's allegation that Charles allegedly tapped her phone, Charles denies it. "Show me the recording," he demands.

"I have it in my bag upstairs," Bonnie says.

"Get it. I want to hear it," Charles says, holding his head back.

"Did you come here today with a recording device?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Sure," Charles replies. "How do you think I take notes?"


"You don't think you have anything to apologize to her for?" Dr. Phil repeats.


"Absolutely not," he replies.

Addressing Sandra, Dr. Phil asks, "Do you think he should put this behind him and say, ‘I'm sorry,' and move on?"

"No," she says. "There's nothing to apologize for." She says that they should put the matter behind them. "[Bonnie] took him to court, but she's going to pursue it. She will not let it go until she's happy."


"Do you ever wonder if he's keeping a diary on you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"That's fine," she says. "I have a diary of my own."

Charlie sits up straight and looks at her in mock shock. "What?" he says in jest. "I don't want to see that one."


"Everybody is entitled to write whatever they feel," Sandra says.


"You can write whatever you feel," Dr. Phil says, "but when you go giving it to other people, and it's not true, then that's not OK."


"If it's not true," Charles agrees.


"And the jury decided what you wrote wasn't true," Dr. Phil points out.


"They never read it," Charles claims.


"When we were in court, I only had to read three pages of the defamatory, and harmful and wicked things that he wrote, and the judge said, 'That's enough of that,'" Bonnie interjects. 

Dr. Phil explains that the court told Bonnie and Charles that they had to return certain items to the other. "Aren't you supposed to give him a camera, and you're supposed to give her a lawnmower?" he asks the estranged pair. "Did you give her the lawnmower?"

"Nooo," Charles says.

"Are you going to?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Got my camera?" Charles asks Bonnie.

"It's my camera," Bonnie says. "I tried to pay him for the camera. The judge said $300 or the camera. I had a check. He wouldn't take it."

"I want my camera," Charles maintains.

Bonnie is still waiting for her lawnmower from Charles. When Dr. Phil asks him if he will give it back, he says, "You know what, yes, I'll give her her lawnmower back." To Bonnie, he says, "Pick it up any day."

"The judge told him to deliver it," Bonnie points out.

"Got my camera?" Charles asks Bonnie again.

"If I gave you a new digital camera, would you call it even?" Dr. Phil asks Charles.

"Even," he says.

Dr. Phil asks Bonnie the same about the lawnmower, and she agrees it would be even. "I just want to do my part in helping settle this," he tells the exes. He tells Bonnie she will get a brand-new riding lawnmower courtesy of John Deer, and Charles will receive a brand-new top-of-the-line Kodak digital camera. "It's time to, like, move on and let it go," he says. "Go be happy."