"I Couldn't Get Away."
Twenty-three-year-old Kris claims his high school girlfriend, Jessica, raped him and got pregnant in the process. He shares his story with a local Fox News station.

“She climbed onto my lap. I said, ‘What are you doing?’ She said, ‘You know you want me.’ I said, ‘No. I don’t,’" he recounts. "I kept trying to fight her off, fight her off, fight her off. She slammed her hand over the lock. I tried to get out; I couldn’t get away."

Jessica says she became pregnant that night and later gave birth to a son, Joshua. Kris admits he has never been a part of his son’s life, but now the state of Michigan wants him to start paying child support.

“I’m the victim of a crime. Why should I have to pay the perpetrator?” Kris asks.

Jessica tells a different story and says the sex was consensual. "When Kris and I first started dating, we were both 14," she says. "When it came to contraception, we didn’t use anything. We were together for about three years before I had gotten pregnant. He claimed that I got pregnant because I raped him.

"It was in a hospital when I told Kris that I was pregnant. He said, ‘I can’t * believe this,’ and he stormed out of the room, and he screamed at his mother in the hallway and said, ‘She’s * pregnant again,’ and he left me there," Jessica recalls.

[AD]The 24-year-old denies Kris' rape claim. "Kris never had to fight me off. He never had to tell me stop in any way. Neither one of us ever said no," Jessica shares. She says that Kris never mentioned that he was raped until he was faced with having to support his child. "I never asked Kris for child support. I told him that I had to fill out papers for it, and he denied that it was even his son," Jessica says. With tears welled in her eyes, she adds, "I learned that Kris claimed that I raped him through a reporter. I was stunned. I would never think that somebody would ever use something as serious as being raped for their own personal gain, just so they don’t have to send a check every month."
“Do you say you did not rape him because you just think the concept of a woman raping a guy is just not credible?” Dr. Phil asks Jessica.

“Absolutely not. I know it can happen,” she says. “I say it didn’t happen because I did not force myself [on him]. We both agreed to it 100 percent.”

“You have said some things to us and to other media,” Dr. Phil says, “that, with my understanding of rape and consensual, sound very close to you fitting the definition.” He points out that Jessica and Kris dated on and off for three years and have broken up about 25 times.

“I broke up with him early that morning,” Jessica shares, but acknowledges that she and Kris had sex that same night.

“You said that you initiated the sex,” Dr. Phil says.

“No. To be honest, I don’t really don’t remember who initiated what. I just remember us making out,” she says.

"Why were you having sex with him in the backseat of a car that night with no birth control?”

“You said he never brought this up until you filed for child support,” Dr. Phil says. “But he says he contacted the Sheriff’s office a few weeks afterward.”

“Why wasn’t I arrested? Why wasn’t I ever spoken to?” she asks.