A Dream Shattered
Liz, 28, says she was riding high when she was crowned Ms. Planet Beach 2010, but her dream came to a screeching halt when topless modeling photos from her past surfaced on the anonymous website TheDirty.com. “Whoever put up this post also contacted the Planet Beach directors,” she says. Liz lost her title, a $100,000 modeling contract and says she has been struggling to pick up the pieces ever since.

Liz’s mother, Kristen, 45, says her daughter moved back in with her after the pageant fallout and went from a “lively girl” to “depressed.”

“I was devastated after I lost everything. I worked so hard to get to where I was,” Liz tells Dr. Phil. “It’s a year later, and I’m still extremely depressed over it.”

“When you say depressed, what do you mean?” Dr. Phil asks Liz.

Liz explains that she used to be active in her community and loved hanging out with friends but no longer enjoys those things. “I pretty much just lock myself in my home and my room. I stay away from everyone,” she says.

Kristen says she feels it’s time her daughter moves on.

“This isn’t anything I did throughout my reign; this is something that happened a long time ago,” Liz says about the topless photos.

[AD]Dr. Phil asks Liz whether there was a disclosure clause that required her to come clean about any questionable photos from her past prior to the pageant.

“There was a disclosure that said you can’t participate in these types of things during your reign,” Liz responds. She says she never got a chance to explain herself to pageant officials.

Dr. Phil reads a statement from Planet Beach officials, explaining why Liz was let go.

“Why did you do the topless photos?” Dr. Phil asks Liz.

“I was pressured, and I was very young and trusting,” Liz replies. She says the photographer told her that the photos would be sent to fashion and glamour magazines. “I thought it was what I needed to do to help my career.”

Dr. Phil asks Kristen what she thinks about the situation.

“I think that they could have looked after her a little bit better, the pageant that she was involved with at the time,” Kristen says. She explains that the pictures were taken right after Liz participated in her first pageant, and that its organizers introduced her to the photographer at a party.

“They told us to network and socialize, and meet these people, and they’ll help us with our careers,” Liz says. She says the photographer, Shaun Goodrich, played a part in the scandal by posting the photos on his website.

Dr. Phil reads a statement from Goodrich,, in which he denies any blame on his part. 

“It was my decision to do that,” Liz admits. “But I was also under the impression that this was a private photo shoot for a photo submission — they were never to be public.”

[AD]“C’mon,” Dr. Phil says. “Nothing is private. Are you kidding me? Those are digital photos; they’re loaded onto the Internet for his site.”

“I trusted him. I believed that it was going to be private,” Liz interjects.

“Then this is a cautionary tale,” Dr. Phil responds. “We may not be able to change what you’ve done, but we might be able to save a whole lot of people, who are watching [this show], from doing that.” He points out that nothing is private, and Liz agrees.

Liz says that she was shocked and devastated when she discovered her photos were posted on TheDirty.com. But what was even more humiliating, she says, were the negative comments posted along with the images.

The creator of TheDirty.com, Nik Richie, says his website did not ruin Liz’s life.

“I have lost my home. I have lost a $100,000 modeling contract. I’m trying to take care of two children on my own,” Liz tells Nik. “I’m still currently losing jobs because I’m still currently on your website.” She asks Nik why he hasn’t taken her images off of his site.

Nik explains that Liz is fairly popular on his website and gets submitted about five times a week. “A lot of people say the same things; they say that she’s desperate for fame, and she wants attention all the time,” he says. “Honestly, I delete a lot more than you know,” he tells Liz.

“So, we should thank you for that?” Kristen asks Nik, and he says no.

“When those nude photos came up, you reached out to me, and out of the bottom of my heart, I took them down for your daughter,” Nik tells Kristen. He insists that he usually doesn’t do that. “You need to stop blaming me as your scapegoat in life,” he tells Liz.

Tempers flare as the three discuss money, fame and nudity!

Dr. Phil reads a comment posted about Liz on TheDirty.com: 'Just because you were in some trashy music video does not mean that you can dance. I’m glad those were taken off. Just goes to show that all of her pics really are photoshopped to hell.'

Nik argues that people can post whatever they want — nice or not.

“People don’t go to the website to say nice things; that’s not what it’s there for,” Liz retorts.

Nik tells Liz that she’s in the profession of being judged. “You’re going to be judged by everybody. You have judges telling you that you’re beautiful, or you’re not beautiful,” he says.

[AD]“I can handle that,” Liz says. “This is different; this is a lie. This is a misconception of who I am.”

“You’re blaming me,” he responds. “Maybe you should choose a different profession.”

“I don’t want to give up on my dreams just because of this website,” she counters.

Nik tells Liz that she needs to toughen up.

Michael Fertik, CEO and founder of Reputation.com, says there are some things Liz can do to repair her reputation. He also says there’s something Nik could do to help her out: de-index the page where Liz’s topless photos are posted on his site so that it's no longer picked up on search engines.

Nik says he’s aware he can do this, but he’s hesitant, since that would decrease traffic to his website. “When someone Googles Liz, I want them to come to my site,” he confesses.

[AD]“You hide behind the fact that you didn’t author them, you just posted them,” Dr. Phil tells Nik.

Michael says the law is actually starting to change in favor of people who are victimized on websites.

Michael explains why Nik may be crossing a gray line of fault, and Dr. Phil has some advice for Liz.