Ted Williams: The Apology: Lies

Clearing Up the Lies

When Dr. Phil last saw Ted Williams he asked the former homeless man hard questions about his sobriety and meteoric rise to fame. Smiling pleasantly for the camera, Ted answered most questions with what he now reveals were half-hearted, half-truths: no, he said he was not abusing substances. He just drank a swig or two of liquor. And yes, fame had graciously fallen at his feet, but he said he was somehow managing his stardom wonderfully. Or so he told Dr. Phil.

Now, eight months since their first talk, Ted stands before Dr. Phil, prepared to share his real story. The former Ohio panhandler is sporting a neat black leather coat and cleanly cropped hair. His face appears brighter and fuller compared to that of the man Dr. Phil spoke to months ago. Smiling, Ted leans toward Dr. Phil for a hug.

"It's good to see you," Dr. Phil says, embracing Ted. "Let me look at you."

[AD]Playfully tugging Ted's coat, Dr. Phil observes, "I'll tell you what, you look pretty good. You look pretty healthy."

"I am, Dr. Phil," Ted says with a smile.

After greeting, the two men take their seats. "So tell me, what's up with you?" Dr. Phil begins.

"Well, Dr. Phil, there are a lot of things I lied about. I owe you some amends, first of all. I lied about my sobriety, and I told people you had exploited me. I used you to come on your show, and I want to be the first to tell you, Dr. Phil, ‘I'm sorry.'"

Dr. Phil shows Ted video footage of interviews where he lies on multiple occasions about his sobriety. Responding to the video, Ted bashfully admits,"I fess up to it, Doc. I'm coming here to make amends: I lied."

Ted Confides that his mind was in such a "fog" from drinking every night that he barely remembers which lies he told. Yet, he agrees that his family's claims in the video area true.  He did spend whole nights guzzling bottles of Grey Goose, and he even drank the night before his second appearance on the Dr. Phil show.

"So, you were telling America and trying to tell me, ‘I'm clean. [I'm] sober for two and a half years. No problem. I'm ready to go?'"

"Yes, sir," Ted says, acknowledging that he lied.

Despite his dishonesty, Dr. Phil says Ted still has a chance to move on from his past. "I believe in my mind and heart that you are going to have great success in your life," Dr. Phil says. "I think people are going to stand up and cheer that you had the guts to step up and put yourself back in that treatment program; not for a month or two months, but for 90 days. Then [you] agreed to transitional management when you came out. You should be proud of the hard work you've done."

[AD]"I don't show you this to bring you down," Dr. Phil explains, pointing to the video of Ted's falsified interviews. "I show you this because I want you to say, ‘That was me then. That is not who I am now. I acknowledge that.' If you're honest enough to own that, then you can be believed with what you're saying today."

Peering through his glasses, Ted slowly nods. "Thank you, Dr. Phil," he says.