The Long Road Ahead
Dr. Phil introduces Rich Whitman, president and executive director of Origins Recovery Centers.
"From a treatment perspective, what does it take for somebody to really get ready to go back into life and not get sucked right back into [addiction] the first time the stress and anxiety builds up?" Dr. Phil asks.
"The one thing that I tell people is: ‘This isn't going to be a really difficult job. All you have to change is everything,'" Rich deadpans. "You come in with your bag full of your solutions " alcohol, drugs " and they've stopped working. You've got to empty them all out and allow us to refill your bag with brand-new solutions."
[AD]"That may mean a new location, new friends, new associations," Dr. Phil adds. "All of those things can be triggers for getting back into the wrong behavior."
"Absolutely," Rich responds. "You've got to change your mental, your spiritual " and obviously, you've got to get physically well."
Dr. Phil tells Ted that he reached out to Kathy and offered her the opportunity to enter treatment. Will she accept the help? Read on!