A Cry for Help
When Ted Williams first appeared on the show, he admitted to Dr. Phil that he was battling a drug and alcohol addiction. The homeless man with the platinum pipes initially maintained that he had been sober for more than two years, but when pressed by Dr. Phil, he confessed that he took a drink.
Ted, who has been in treatment at Origins Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center for four days, joins the show via telephone.
[AD]"America wants an update. They want to know where you are. You have so many millions of people pulling for you, and praying for you and hoping the best for you," Dr. Phil tells Ted. "Tell us how you're doing."
"I am surrounded by the best medical team that can be offered to me. I feel really, really good. The voice is coming back, bigger and better than ever," Ted says, giving Dr. Phil a taste of the rich baritone that captivated the nation. "I'm really healthy."
"You did go to Columbus, correct?" Dr. Phil asks Ted.
"That's correct, sir," he replies.
"How did it go in Columbus?"
Ted says that he visited his family, and the reunion went off without a hitch, unlike the recent altercation with his daughter that landed him back in the headlines. However, in spite of his commitment to sobriety, he admits that he took a drink. "My nerves were shot," he says. "It was champagne, Doctor."
"Did you do any drugs?"
"Yes, sir," Ted replies after a long pause. "I did a little bit of pot."
[AD]"From the very first time that we sat down, I told you that I was cheering for you, and I was so excited that you had a second chance," Dr. Phil reminds Ted. "But I told you, at the time, that I didn't want you to just get a second chance; I wanted you to have, and embrace and keep a second chance. I wanted you to make the most out of it."
"Yes, sir."
"You've got to be wiling to be completely honest with yourself and immerse yourself in that treatment program," Dr. Phil says.
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