A Teen in Turmoil

"The Devynn that I know had goals, and was motivated and was a cheerleader. I trusted her. When she got into a relationship with her boyfriend, she became a different person," says Giesel of her 18-year-old daughter.

"Devynn's behavior became obsessive " on the cell phone, texting, trying to get a hold of him almost every minute of the day," says Devynn's father, Steve. "Devynn chose her boyfriend over her mom and dad, regardless of the consequences."

Giesel says the relationship took a frightening turn. "I found out that Devynn was having sex. I came across an e-mail, and it referred to the possibility that she was pregnant," she says.

"When I found out that I was pregnant, I just felt scared to tell my parents," Devynn says. "They wanted me to terminate the baby," says Devynn.

"Her father and I were not supportive of her having a baby at this time," Giesel adds.

[AD]Devynn says she doesn't regret her decision to become a mom. "At the same time it's hard for my parents, especially my mom, to accept it," she says.

"I was very upset. I went through a roller coaster of emotions, from sadness, and anger and grieving. It affected me so much that I believe I even had a nervous breakdown," Giesel reveals. "As much as Devynn wanted me to support her, it just pained me to even look at her, knowing what her future had to hold."

"I know that my mom is hurting, and I don't want her to hurt any more," Devynn says through tears. "I just don't know why she's taking it so hard."

Dr. Phil addresses Giesel. "What's your theory? What took place here? Did [Devynn's boyfriend] turn her head? Is it all him?" he inquires.

"I believe Devynn is deeply in love, and I can understand that. This is her first true love. She just doesn't allow herself to see that it's not supposed to be this hard, and it's not supposed to be this painful," Giesel answers. "I feel like she's letting the relationship control her."

[AD]"What's your goal in being here today?" Dr. Phil asks Devynn.

"She told me that we're going to be here to mend our family. She said that me, by being pregnant, it really tore our family apart," Devynn replies. "I don't want our family to be broken because of this."

"What would be the perfect outcome for you?"

"Just for my mom to trust me and see that it's not as bad as she makes it seem."

"You got pregnant. You have no ability to raise a baby; you're a baby yourself," Dr. Phil reminds the teen. "Have you lied to your parents?"

"Yeah. No one's perfect," Devynn replies.

Dr. Phil addresses Giesel. "Have you been judgmental of her?" he asks.

"I've been disappointed," she answers.

[AD]Observing the mom's angry tone, Dr. Phil asks, "Are you a right-fighter? The more right you become, the more judgmental you get, the further she gets away from you."

He turns to Devynn's father, Steve. "What do you think?" he asks.

"We actually invited her boyfriend to the table so that I can mentor him. That's still not happening. Just to get to know the boy. That's my biggest problem," he replies.

Dr. Phil mentions that Devynn's boyfriend is backstage but has chosen not to participate in the conversation.