Another Baby on the Way?
Caitlyn, 16, says, “I’m pregnant, and Taten is the father. When I told Taten that I was pregnant, he was angry.” <br><br>“Caitlyn was extremely upset. She’d lock herself in her room, and you could hear her cry,” says Caitlyn’s mother, Dana. “All parents dream of their child graduating high school and then going off to college. When I heard the words, ‘Mom, I’m pregnant,’ I just saw all those dreams slipping away.” <br><br>“My family does not like Taten at all. They think that he’s a lowlife, he’s a deadbeat, he’s useless,” Caitlyn says. “He was denying the kid was his. He didn’t want to have anything to do with me or the kid. He flat out told me that I was ruining everything. He doesn’t want to have to deal with the fact that he’s 18 and has two kids.” <br><br>“I’m absolutely furious over the fact that Taten is denying this child,” Dana says. “The thought of Taten makes me physically ill, like, I just want to vomit. I can’t stand him.”<br><br>“Taten told everybody that I was just a whore,” Caitlyn says. <br><br>[AD]“I do not want him near my grandchild,” Dana says. “Taten seems to get a thrill off two girls fighting over him. He’s got an ego problem.” <br><br>“Right now, Taten has no home. He has no job. He has no phone. He is pretty much living off of other people,” Caitlyn says. Although, she admits, “Even though Taten cheated on me and lied, there still will always be that little spot in my heart for him.”<br><br>“The boy has no common sense. He is stupid. He seems to be retarded,” Dana says. “My biggest fear is that Caitlyn will not let go of Taten. I don’t want this monster, this thing, near my daughter.”After seeing Caitlyn’s story on video, Autumn fights back her tears. She tells Dr. Phil, “I just don’t know how someone can do that.” She expresses frustration with Taten for telling her he loved her, then cheating on her, getting another girl pregnant and then wanting to reconcile.

When Dr. Phil points out that Taten isn’t convinced that he’s the father of Caitlyn’s baby, Dana says, “Oh, God, I hope he’s not. It would make my day.”

Caitlyn discovered she was pregnant the day after Autumn and Taten got back together. Dr. Phil asks Autumn, “Are you mad at her?”

“I’ve always been kind of mad at her,” Autumn admits. “But I’m more mad at Taten because he should’ve known better."

“But she was sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend,” Dr. Phil notes.

Autumn says the Caitlyn/Taten flirtation had been on for a year, and she was used to coping with it. She says what makes her angry is that Caitlyn had pregnancy scares before, so why couldn’t Taten learn to be responsible?

Dr. Phil tells the teens, “The problem here is we have children having children. And children don’t know how to be adults, and a parent is a very adult job. It requires maturity and sacrifice, intelligence, wisdom, experience — all things that none of you have even a passing introduction to.” He tells Taten, “A lot of this could be solved if you could just keep your pants zipped up.”

[AD]Dr. Phil expresses confusion as to why Taten is such a valuable catch to the teen girls. Caitlyn agrees with Autumn’s earlier assessment and says that he was very sweet and nice.

“Because he’s nice? That’s the threshold? That’s what it takes? Seriously, mothers,” Dr. Phil says, looking to Dana and Michelle. “Have you not talked to these girls? Do their fathers not make them feel special?”
Dr. Phil asks Taten about his relationship with Caitlyn and how he may have gotten her pregnant. <br><br><a href="#" onclick="overlayVideo(813); return(false);"><img class="icon" src="" border="0">Taten clashes with Caitlyn’s mom about the circumstances around how it happened.</a><br><br>Dr. Phil questions Dana’s decision to allow Taten to live with them when she knew he was having sex with her daughter. <br><br><a href="#" onclick="overlayVideo(814); return(false);"><img class="icon" src="" border="0">“You can roll your eyes all you want, lady — it’s your daughter who’s pregnant!”</a><br><br>Taten defends his position to Dr. Phil — that he wants to be with Autumn. “Everybody makes mistakes,” he says. “I’ve made mistakes throughout my life. I regret cheating on Autumn. I regret doing anything wrong to Autumn. I regret it.” <br><br>[AD]“Do you regret just telling her mother to go * herself?” he asks. <br><br>“No, I do not,” he says. <br><br>“Then you are childish,” Dr. Phil tells him. “You say that you are in love with this girl, and you want to be with her, and you disrespect her mother? Then somebody didn’t bring you up right, boy, because that is stupid.” <br><br>
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