Teen Plastic Surgery: Kandance, Bri and Krystal

Words of Wisdom

Kandance, 20, has a message for other teens considering plastic surgery. "When I was 19, I went for a breast surgery because I wanted the model-perfect figure," she explains. "I was a size A and I wanted to be a size C, and I ended up with uneven breast implants. The doctor told me I would need a second surgery to fix the mistake. After the second surgery, my incision was bleeding so badly, the doctor told me I would need a third surgery. The day before my third surgery, the implant was actually sticking out of the incision and I was so scared, I didn't know what to do. I regret that I ever had my breasts done. I ended up taking all my implants out. It's my wish that other young girls could learn from my mistake."

With tears in her eyes, Kandance tells Dr. Phil, "I had a total of four surgeries."

"Just to get back where you started," Dr. Phil says. "And that's a lot of pain and a lot of medication and a lot of anesthesia. What would you say to this one right here?" he asks, indicating Bri, his 12-year-old guest who wants plastic surgery.

"Just accept yourself for who you are and not worry so much about your appearance," she says.

"How are you with you? How do you like yourself at this point?" Dr. Phil asks Kandance.

"I like myself more now and I wish I never went through with it," she says.

Dr. Phil turns to his previous guest, Krystal, who is 19 and wants breast implants. "What do you say to Bri? Do you think this is something she should do?" he asks.

"I think she is way too young. Way too young," Krystal says. "Just wait a long time before you make that decision, because you're only 12. You shouldn't even be thinking about what your body looks like right now. You should just be out having fun with your friends."

"So how long do you think she should wait?" Dr. Phil asks.

Krystal laughs. "I guess until you're 19," she says.

Dr. Phil turns back to Bri. "Listen, your goal is good … but there are right reasons and wrong reasons to do things, and there are right ways and wrong ways to do things, and there are right times and wrong times to do things. Here, it's the wrong time, the wrong way and the wrong reason."

He turns to Krystal, "Here, it's the wrong time, the wrong way, and the wrong reason."

He addresses both girls, "And I say that because what you're looking for is to feel good about who you are. And changing your body image you think will influence your self-image, but it really doesn't."

Dr. Phil speaks to Bri. "I promise you, weight is a lifestyle issue. It's not a diet issue; it's not a surgical issue. First off, you can't lipo as much as you want gone. You just can't possibly have that much tissue loss, blood loss, fluid loss. So you couldn't do that if it was the right time for you to do it." Dr. Phil also cautions that a lot of people who get liposuction often gain the weight back plus more because they didn't really fix the problem.

"And here's the thing, your body is so young and so resilient and so pliable at this point, that you have a terrific ability to change it and influence it," he adds.

He tells her mom, "So I am going to strongly recommend against you even considering plastic surgery for this beautiful child here."

He offers to get Bri a nutritionist, personal trainer and fun place to work out. "In a real exciting, positive sort of way for you to take control and mastery of lifestyle and your body to create the sort of results that you want. How about I set that up for you and you take charge instead of going under the knife?" he asks.

"I would love that," Bri says.

"And you'll support that?" Dr. Phil asks Diana.

"Oh, definitely," she says.