Teen Weight Loss Challenge: J.J. Virgin and the Challengers

What about Fast Food?
J.J. Virgin shares the dos and don'ts when it comes to fast food.
J.J. Virgin shows the teens that they're not limited to salads when choosing healthier alternatives in a fast-food restaurant. "You can have a burger!" J.J. tells the teens, suggesting they skip the mayonnaise, go light on barbecue sauce, which has a lot of sugar, and take off the top portion of the bun.

At McDonald's, she gives them the go-ahead to eat an ice cream cone for dessert. "If you're looking for a little sweet treat, have a small ice cream co

ne," she says, pointing out that it has only 4 and a half grams of fat and 150 calories.

Next, the teens go to Subway, which has many healthy options, including new low-carb wraps and seven sandwiches with less than six grams of fat. "It's really simple to eat healthy here," she tells them.

J.J. says they can even eat pizza, but they should stay away from deep-dish pizza and avoid getting extra cheese. Instead, she suggests two slices of thin-crust vegetable pizza that's light on the cheese, or possibly with ham added for protein. "Have it with a salad and it's a great meal," she says.
Then, J.J. puts the teens to the test. At Taco Bell, they show off their new knowledge, ordering a taco salad in a bowl instead of in a fried tortilla, for example. She also reminds them that they should skip the sour cream, lighten up on the cheese and salad dressing, and avoid special sauces.

When there's a "secret sauce," Dr. Phil jokes, "There's a reason it's secret!" He thanks Subway for providing the Weight Loss Challengers with thousands of dollars in coupons for healthy sandwiches.

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