Teen Weight Loss Challenge: Robert Reames and the Teens

Key Six: Intentional Exercise
Robert Reames gets the Teen Weight Loss Challengers moving.
The Teen Weight Loss Challengers join Robert Reames at Gold's Gym in Hollywood.

He encourages them to strength train, explaining that muscle helps you burn more calories. As

for cardiovascular exercise, he suggests they work up a sweat three to six days per week, doing a 20-60 minute workout. "The bottom line," he says, "you need to be moving."

Then, Robert warms the teens up using medicine balls and gives them a full-body workout using tubing. For more, click here.

Marvin Thomton, a Gold's Gym dance instructor, shows the teens that working out can be fun. "Do whatever makes you feel good, as long as you're moving, sweating, and having a good time," he tells them.