Teen Weight Loss Challenge: Whitney, Jesse, Jonathon, Jael, Stacy

Dr. Phil and Jay Check In
See how the Teen Weight Loss Challengers are doing.
Less than two months ago, Dr. Phil and Jay picked five teens to take part in the Teen Weight Loss Challenge on the show. They set their weight loss goals, promising to follow Jay's program and take control of their lives. Recently, Jay sat down with the five Challengers to find out how they're doing.

"I feel really absolutely fabulous. I feel wonderful," says Whitney, who started the Challenge at 222 pounds, and has lost 18. For the first time in years, she was able to fit into a regular clothing size 16.


"The key that's been the most helpful for me is the first key, changing the way we think about ourselves," says Jesse, who's down to 187 from his start weight of 199. "I'm feeling a lot better about myself now."
Jonathon, who's lost nine pounds, has changed his mindset and his habits. "When I look at something that's bad for me, I say, 'It's worth giving it up right now.' Instead of having a junk food snack, I have a banana or a piece of fruit or a salad," he explains.

Jael, whose 17-pound weight loss brought her down to 164 pounds, is committed to the program. "After I lost my first five or six pounds," she says, "I realized this is working. This is going to change my life forever. Now I'm excited to keep going."

Stacy, who's lost 20 pounds and now weighs 293, adds, "My life has changed drastically. My environment has been cleaned up. I love exercising and I hadn't been doing that before."
In the studio, Jael explains how her weight loss has affected her. "I feel great," she says. "I think my whole attitude toward life is different. I'm always excited for the next day to come. I'm excited to meet new people, go to dances, and just be myself. Before I was scared to open up, because I was afraid people wouldn't like me for who I was because of my outside. Now that's changed."

Jonathon, who's now taking karate and working out after school, says, "It's pretty cool when you know that you're going to lose weight and you don't feel trapped."

Whitney attributes her success to the way Jay speaks to teens in his book. "You wrote it so we could understand," she says. "It's truly the connection."