Teen's Pregnancy 2: Jody

By Her Side
"We've been down a road that a lot of people have not been down. We've had a lot of heartaches," Jody tells Brittney. During their first adoption experience, Jody and her husband, Cody, met a 16-year-old girl whom they say they clicked with. They were thrilled when they received a phone call that the pregnant teen went into labor. "And we got the phone call that she changed her mind," Jody says. "She decided to parent." [AD]A few months later, the couple attempted their second adoption. They went to the hospital and were able to hold the baby. "Instant bond," Jody recalls, fighting back tears. "We were there with him for seven days." "We had started noticing the birth mom coming quite a bit and wanting to hold him," Cody recalls. "The day that he was to be released from the hospital, we got a phone call explaining to us that she couldn't place him. She couldn't do it. She changed her mind," Jody says to Brittney. "I think that you have a long road ahead of you. Once that baby starts moving in your belly, this is going to be the hardest decision of your life."

Jody says her heart was shattered five times by failed attempts to adopt a baby. Kelly, one of the birth mothers, was 27 years old when she agreed to let Jody adopt her baby. But days after giving birth, she changed her mind. Kelly joins the show, and Dr. Phil asks her, "At what point did you change your mind?"

"The day that I called her," she says. "Everything seemed to crumble the last minute."

[AD]"This was much, much harder than you thought it was going to be," Dr. Phil says.

"That last day, yeah," Kelly says. "I cried for hours."

Kelly and Jody are now friends. "I was never angry with her," Jody says. "I was upset at the situation."

"That was the most guilt-ridden decision I've ever made," Kelly says.

"And it shouldn't be that way," Jody says.

Dr. Phil asks Jody about her relationship with Brittney. "You said you think she's hiding her feelings about this, not just from others but maybe from herself," he says. "Adoption is such an emotional thing," Jody says. "She lets people into her mind, but she doesn't let anybody into her heart." [AD]"Do you question the resolve of her decision?" Dr. Phil asks. "It's always questionable," Jody says. "I do think that the adoption decision might be overturned in the end."