Taking a Stand against Cyber Bullying
Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, who represents New York's Fourth Congressional District, joins Dr. Phil via satellite. "I'm so glad that you are so focused on this issue," Dr. Phil says.
"As you found out from the committee hearing, there's a great deal of interest in this. Hopefully, with your help, and certainly with what I'll be doing legislatively, we can actually save lives," Congresswoman McCarthy says. "I happen to believe that our principals and our superintendents have to be there for the parents to help them to get the information they need to have. When they say it's not their responsibility, I can understand to a certain extent. But teachers are trained to look out for children who are being abused at home. That is off school property. We need to protect our children."
"Congresswoman, we need to amend this Elementary and Secondary Education Act. And it hasn't been amended since " what? " 2001?" Dr. Phil asks.
"Exactly," she replies. "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that language is in that bill," she says.
[AD]"Tell me what that language is going to be," Dr. Phil says.
"I happen to personally think that the language that should be in there, that teachers need to be trained. I happen to believe also that there should be classes, part of the classroom training for the students, on what they should be looking for and how they handle it. I also believe there should be educational programs through the PTA to have parents aware of what's going on with their children as we use this new technology," she says.
Are you interested in making your school safer? Do your part to get anti-bullying legislation passed in your state. Click here for a list of state senators and here for a sample letter to send.