Taking the Pledge

Dr. Phil introduces Christine Clark, principal of John F. Kennedy High School in Granada Hills, California.


She explains how parents and educators can foster a relationship to protect kids. "I think part of what you've already said today will help: To be able to educate parents, educate students and educate staff in the ways to monitor, to be able to see whether or not students are affected," she tells Dr. Phil. "In terms of the various jurisdictions, our primary concern is the student, whether it's a jurisdictional issue or not, we want to make sure students are safe."


[AD]"That's not always easy to do," Dr. Phil says. "Don't parents have to partner with you guys if we're ever going to get this under control?"


"Definitely," Christine replies.


Dr. Phil praises Christine and her school for being the first to sign the pledge to stop bullying and cyber bullying.