The Bridge: Jen and Matt

A Friend's Final Moments
Dr. Phil plays a clip from The Bridge showing Gene, who paced the bridge for 93 minutes before jumping to his death.

Jen and Matt describe their friend.

"He would always say things like, ‘Kill me now,'" Jen says. "You would be talking about something and ask him, ‘What do you want for breakfast?' [He would answer,] ‘I don't care. Just kill me.'" He often replied with the same answer to many questions. "Pretty soon, I didn't even pay any attention. It was just something he said all the time."

[AD]Jen recalls the day Gene died. "He called me first from the train tracks, saying he was going to lay his neck across the train tracks, and because he said things like that all the time, I didn't call him back," she says. "I guess when I didn't call him back, he went to the bridge."

"He couldn't have lasted much longer," says Matt, who was the last person to speak with Gene. "I was leaving for work and I gave him $5 so he could get a pack of smokes and go grab a paper, and that's when he disappeared."

In his studio, Dr. Phil asks Jen and Matt if they were surprised when they learned Gene took his life.

"I wasn't overly surprised," Matt says. "In hindsight, I wish I would have taken the signs a little more seriously. He wanted to be loved so badly, and he really had nobody outside a few close friends."

In the documentary, Gene's fatal jump is caught on tape. Dr. Phil asks Jen how she feels about watching her friend die.

[AD]"Watching him do that made it more real because there wasn't a funeral. We never saw his body. There was never any closure like that, so there was always this chance, maybe it wasn't him," she says. "Seeing it, kind of made it real."

"You said you were angrier about it after you saw the film," Dr. Phil says to Jen. "Angrier at him?"

"I will always be bitter at him, because he had so much going for him that maybe a lot of people don't," she says. "He didn't have to give up."