Craigslist Statement

CEO of craigslist Jim Buckmaster has this statement about Sheriff Tom Dart's lawsuit:

"Sheriff Dart's public statements that craigslist causes, condones, promotes, or profits from crime are outrageously false and absolutely unacceptable. He inexplicably ignores all the work that craigslist is doing with our many partners in law enforcement, including the 40 Attorneys General who signed our Joint Statement in November, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Despite the distraction of this misguided lawsuit, which legal experts are saying has no merit, craigslist remains focused on collaborating with law enforcement to help combat crimes like child exploitation and human trafficking."

About why the erotic service section exists on craigslist, he says:

"Our users suggested that ads for escort services, sensual massage, adult web cams, phone sex, exotic dancers, adult websites, etc., should be placed in a separate category behind a warning screen, similar to what other classified services like the telephone yellow pages have done, so that users not interested in such services would not find them in our various personals and services categories."

About what is being done currently to limit the ads on the erotic services section, and whether he feels his efforts are successful, he says:

"Working together with 40 attorneys general and NCMEC, we've implemented measures like phone verification, credit card authorization, and content filtering that have reduced erotic service ads by 90 percent, and greatly improved legal compliance for those ads that remain. This collaboration has only just begun, and we will continue to work with our partners to help combat crimes like human trafficking and child exploitation. Eliminating the erotic services section would simply displace these ads to other categories where disinterested users would see them, and to other venues that do not cooperate with law enforcement.


[AD]Regarding the controversy over the erotic services section, he says:

"Craigslist is determined to lead the business world in helping combat the unspeakable crimes of child exploitation and human trafficking. We will continue to work alongside our valued partners in law enforcement against these societal scourges, despite the unfortunate distraction of Sheriff Dart making outrageously inaccurate statements about our efforts."

As far as the attorneys general feeling craigslist could do more, he says:

"As we made very clear at our press conference, the partnership between craigslist, the attorneys general, and NCMEC is a framework for ongoing collaboration and continuing progress. The protective measures we implemented recently, like phone verification, credit card authorization, and content filtering, are important milestones on the path to achieving our shared goals. If any attorney general or law enforcement department has recommendations for further improvement, we would love to hear them."