"Chauvinist Pig"

"My husband is a sexist, male chauvinist pig," says Amy. "Gregory has told me several times that I'm not his equal. Greg and I fight sometimes two or three times a day. I find my husband more and more impossible to live with. He wants me to wait on him hand and foot; do all the cooking and the cleaning, the laundry, the dishes; take care of the kids; run errands. I have to fix his meal and put it on a tray. I can't even fold his shirt without him getting upset over it. If my husband doesn't learn to treat me better, I will divorce him."

"I am the king. I am the greatest. I run this show," says Greg. "She needs to realize I am who I am. Deal with that. My wife's role should be to take care of the family, not to dispute the husband's role as head of the house. I'm the CEO. Things have to be done according to policy. I set the policy. I tell my wife, 'Suck it up. Get over it. It's no big deal.'"

"The comments make me feel like I'm worthless," says Amy.

"My wife takes things so personally," says Greg. "She just thinks everything should be sugarcoated. I'm not Mr. Hallmark."

Amy is ready to give up. "I've been married seven years, and I feel pretty sad at this point in my life. He doesn't have respect for anybody. Greg says I have no right to voice my own opinion," she says.

"I'm always right, even when I'm wrong," says Greg. "If she would just do what I say, there would be no problem."

One of Greg's complaints is about dinnertime. "I get extremely perturbed when I come home and there's no aroma of anything in the air," he says.

Amy describes an incident that hasn't exactly inspired her. "I made hamburgers one evening. Gregory said, 'What in the hell is this meat?' He progressed to pick it up and throw it into the sink, and told me it was crap. He wants me to be the perfect housewife, like I'm [the wife from] Leave it to Beaver," she says.


"There's no romance whatsoever. When we have sex, I feel like I'm just there fulfilling his needs. It's just one more thing that I have to do."


Amy's voice begins to quaver. "I really don't want to do this anymore. I'm out of answers. I'm tired. I need a relationship rescue. Dr. Phil is my last hope."

Greg and Amy agreed to try anything to save their marriage, so Dr. Phil sends them a video message:

"Hey, Amy, Greg. I have a special mission for you. Amy, I'm sorry to hear you're at a crossroads in your relationship. Greg, you say you're a chauvinist pig and feel there's nothing wrong with that. Sounds like you both could use a little help. Amy, I need you to pack your bags right now. There's a car waiting for you out front with a plane ticket on the seat. You're heading to L.A. As for you, Greg, you're going to be staying home, but you won't be home

alone. If you think living with one wife is hard, just wait until you see what I've got in store for you. Now it's time to say goodbye to each other because you won't see each other again until you're both sitting right here on this stage."

As Amy leaves, Greg says, "Make sure they teach you to see things my way."