A Walk in His Wife's Shoes

Dr. Phil recruits three feisty women to become Dr. Phil's Relationship Rescue Team. They agree to become Greg's "wives" for three days, to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Meet Rebecca from Utah, married for seven years, mother of two. "When I get through with him, he's going to know who really wears the pants in his house!"

Meet Nikkie from Virginia, married for six years, mother of two. "Watch out, little man, you won't know which end is up when I'm done with you!"

Meet Becky from Kansas, married for 15 years, mother of four. "When Mama ain't happy, there ain't nobody happy. He needs to learn that women need to be treated with respect and dignity, and it's going to start right now!"

The women get their assignment:

"Welcome, ladies. Dr. Phil's Mission Possible is under way. Rebecca, what I want you to do is let him know what it's like to be the lady of the house. I want to see this guy cleaning, scrubbing, washing dishes, clothes. I want him to get down and do what she does every single day. Don't cut him any slack. He's got to stay on the move just like she has to stay on the move.


"Nikkie, I want to see him learning how to cook a meal, prepare the meal, go through all the steps that he takes for granted, and I want him to do it without setting the house on fire. The only person I want on fire is you when you're all over him, OK?


"Becky, you may have the steepest hill to climb of the whole bunch here because this guy is about as romantic as a statue, right? So we're going to have to teach him how to love smart. He doesn't even almost get it. His idea of foreplay is, 'Brace yourself, baby, here I come.' This is all about role reversal. It's all about getting him to take another point of view. And this may be the last chance, so bring him back a changed man."

"We're all on it, Dr. Phil!" the women say in unison. 

Day One:

Greg arrives home to find someone waiting for him. "Hi, Greg. Welcome home. I'm Rebecca, and I'm your worst nightmare. Dr. Phil sent me, and I want to know, are you serious?"

"I wouldn't be doing the show if I wasn't," says Greg.

Rebecca puts him to work. She begins by making him do the dishes, and he doesn't take well to being ordered around. "Women in no way, in nature, will ever be equal to a man," he tells Rebecca while doing the dishes.

The day in his wife's shoes continues with Greg cleaning the entire house from top to bottom, while Rebecca orders him about. When he talks back, she makes him drop and do 20 pushups! At the end of the day, the house passes final inspection and Greg falls into bed, exhausted.

Day Two:


Nikkie wakes up Greg with a bullhorn at 6:00 a.m. "This is your wake-up call from Dr. Phil! My name is Nikkie, and we have a lot of things to do today. What are you waiting for? Move it! Move it! Move it! Hut! Hut! Hut!"

Nikkie gives Greg his To Do list: Wash the car, walk the dog, shop for groceries and cook dinner. First, he has to make Nikkie a fresh pot of coffee while she sits and relaxes. "There's nothing a woman can do in a house that I can't do, and probably better," he tells Nikkie. 

Next, Nikkie orders him to have dinner on the table by 4:00 p.m. sharp. Greg gets started on his list while Nikkie soaks her feet and takes it easy. He rushes through preparing dinner and sets the table with a few minutes to spare. He waits, and waits. A very relaxed-looking Nikkie walks through the door 45 minutes late!

"Well, I'm waiting to be served," she tells him from his chair in the living room. After admonishing her for being late, Greg serves her dinner. When Nikkie takes a bite, she complains and throws the food away.

Day Three:

Becky knocks on the door and shoves wilted flowers at Greg. "According to your wife, Amy, they're about as alive as the romance in your marriage," she tells him.

Becky gives Greg a quiz to see how much he knows about his wife after eight years of marriage. He gets six out of 11 wrong. Then, Becky asks Greg to write out a heart-felt note to his wife. Becky reads his first attempt. "'Honey, I can tell now that I am happy that I have you to hold and cuddle with every day of my life. I love you, baby. YWH'?"

"Your wonderful husband," explains Greg.

She makes him do it over.

Next, Becky shows Greg how to set a romantic table. She has him model a romantic bathrobe and scatter a trail of rose petals from the bedroom door to the bed. "This ain't exactly in my nature," he says.


At the end of the show, Dr. Phil rewards Rebecca, Nikkie and Becky for all their hard work with a weekend getaway or spa of their choice from The Big Day.com!