The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Admissions: Drug Addiction

Coming Clean and Getting Clean
It’s been six months since Alexandra stormed off after a failed intervention.
Get caught up with the last eight years of the Dr. Phil Family.

“I have received a lot of mail about Alexandra,” Dr. Phil notes. He says many of those letters ask why he’s continued to help her. “I will tell you why: I don’t want you to quit on your drug addict. Someday, one thing you may say, or one thing you may do, can save his or her life.”

Erin, Alexandra’s mom, and guardian of her three children, recently attempted to force her into court-ordered rehab by filing a motion under the Marchman Act. “What is going to entice her to get well is if she has been ordered by the court to do this,” Erin explains. “We just don’t know what’s going to happen. That is the scary part.”

“The judge is not fooling around with her nonsense,” Marty says.

[AD]Erin says that the court ruled that Alexandra had to have a drug evaluation within seven days to determine the next course of action.

“Alexandra’s demeanor was pretty bad,” Marty says. “She didn’t even make eye contact with me. Our relationship has really deteriorated, and I’m fine with that right now. That’s a hard thing to say as a father, but Erin and I need to stand together.”

Erin says that it’s very important that she and Marty follow through with everything they told Alexandra in the intervention.
“How did that turn out?” Dr. Phil asks Erin.

“She was evaluated by an [addiction specialist],” Erin explains. “He found that Alexandra did not meet the specific criteria for in-patient or out-patient rehab, and she should voluntarily see a doctor.”

Dr. Phil says that the test in which Alexandra was given is a self-reporting one. “If you just sit down and ask somebody a series of questions, and there are socially acceptable answers, then you can come out looking different than what your actual life is like,” Dr. Phil explains.

Erin says that there was a great deal of evidence provided to the court that was not used by the addiction specialist to make his determination. Among the information provided included, for one, Alexandra’s discharge summary from the hospital when she had baby Anthony. That paperwork showed the baby was born with withdrawal symptoms. 

Alexandra explains why she never told her doctors she was taking drugs while pregnant. Plus, learn just how serious her drug use is now.

Erin says that the court-ordered addiction specialist did not look at the information that she provided them.

Dr. Phil is joined by interventionist Debbie and Erin’s attorney, Jim Werter.

[AD]“I cannot even begin to understand how an evaluator would not go to the depths to really search and look at all the criteria,” Debbie says.

“It is frustrating,” Dr. Phil says.

Erin says that she took photos of Alexandra’s truck in front of a purported meth house. There are also pictures of a woman who was busted in the meth house driving the same truck. Alexandra has previously denied that the truck featured in the pictures is hers, and refused to admit that she knew the person driving it.

Alex comes clean about her involvement in the meth house bust.