The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Admissions: Marty

Two Times a Father
“The last time that I spoke to Alexandra was probably a week ago,” Marty says. “It’s always the same thing: money. [She never] asks about the kids. I don’t even think she called [her son] on his birthday.” Marty says that Alexandra’s current boyfriend was arrested a week ago for failing to pay child support. “Sometimes it makes me wonder if she waits outside the jail for these guys to come out.

“I still feel like Alexandra is hooked on drugs,” he continues. “But I can’t get too wrapped up in that anymore. I have three grandkids to raise now.” Marty proudly shows off Nathan and Anthony’s room, and says that Nathan recently joined the Cub Scouts. “[Nathan] is basically a son to me.”

[AD]Marty says that news of Katherine’s pregnancy angered him in the beginning, but as time has gone on, he’s happy for the couple, and says he believes Katherine will be a good mother. “Her boyfriend, Paul, who I like a lot, is going to be a really good father. The three of them are going to have a strong life together.”

“It seems like you guys are back in parent-mode,” Dr. Phil comments to Erin. He says that despite the heart-breaking decisions Alexandra has made, he believes that Erin and Marty have been blessed with their grandchildren. “There is joy in that home.”