The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Erin

Erin’s Fears and Concerns

One night, the police arrived at Erin's house looking for Katherine. They said she knew information about a robbery that had occurred. The cops returned several days later and interrogated Katherine again.


"I lied for my boyfriend about a situation," Katherine explains. She gave false information on her affidavit. She was arrested, cuffed and taken to jail.

Katherine drove her boyfriend, Sean, and other friends to a pawn shop, so the friends could sell stolen items. The pawn shop called the police. When the cops questioned Sean, he told them he wasn't involved in the crime. 

"This guy let Katherine take the fall for him," Erin says. Katherine spent the night in jail.

Dr. Phil meets with Erin.

"Katherine, the past few years, has taken the road of being a wild child," Erin tells Dr. Phil. "She's very sassy, and rude and very disrespectful toward me."


[AD]Erin says that during the arrest, three large police officers bullied Katherine while they interrogated her and eventually cuffed her and took her to jail.

"She's crazy and does silly things, but she's a good kid," Erin says. "She's just gotten lost somewhere."


"We're going to get her found," Dr. Phil assures Erin.

Dr. Phil points out that now that Katherine is 18 and an adult, the gravity of the consequences of her choices increases exponentially.

"I don't think she realized how serious it was," Erin says.

Erin explains Katherine's downward spiral.


Erin elaborates about the night her daughter came home high. Katherine was 15 and hanging out with an 18-year-old drug dealer. She was supposed to be spending the night at a friend's house, but she and the girl snuck out. Erin says Katherine had no explanation for her behavior but acted nasty toward her.

Erin adds that Katherine smokes pot, has tried cocaine and has taken salvia, a hallucinogenic herb.

"Where does she get the money to buy the drugs?" Dr. Phil asks.

"That's the part we didn't understand, because Marty and I have not given her money," Erin says.

Dr. Phil asks Erin about Katherine's boyfriend.

[AD]"He's in jail," she replies, adding that Katherine is still in a relationship with him.

"She's telling her lawyers she's not [in a relationship with him]," Dr. Phil says. "Katherine could be facing jail time, and if she's lying to her lawyers, she's going to be in a lot of hurt. That's the last person you want to lie to. The immediate crisis right now is she's staring at some serious charges."

"She's scared to death," Erin says.

"This is fraught with danger," Dr. Phil confirms.


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