The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Mom and Daughter

Emotional Moment for Mom and Daughter

Erin joins Katherine and Dr. Phil. Mother and daughter embrace.

"One of the things I've emphasized with Katherine is that when she hits her darkest hours in her life, the one person who is always there is you," Dr. Phil tells Erin.

"That's true. Mommy's been there," Erin says.

Katherine wipes away tears, faces her mom and says, "My mom is always there for me, when nobody else is, and I tell her everything, and she never judges me. Well, she judges me, but, you know, she's my mom. She's supposed to."

"I just want you to have good boundaries," Erin says, as she squeezes her daughter. "I love you so much."


[AD]Dr. Phil reiterates that Katherine should never settle in life. "You've made some really bad choices, you've been hanging with some bad people who are doing bad things," Dr. Phil says. He points out that Katherine's mother was able to come and get her when she was a minor. But now that she's 18, when she brushed with the law, they put the cuffs on her, and she wound up in jail.


"They're going to treat you the same way they would if you were 45 or 50 years old," Dr. Phil says. "I am stunned that the only crime you've been charged with out of this incident is lying to the police. If you get caught smoking dope, you get caught driving under the influence, you get caught with somebody who has a pocketful of cocaine, you can get a second charge on you," which will lead to harsher consequences.

Dr. Phil tells Katherine what she should expect from a boyfriend, relating a story from when he and Robin first met.

"We talked about that yesterday when I went to visit him," Katherine says, referring to her boyfriend. "He said, ‘Tell your mom I'm sorry and I want to talk to her, and tell her that I love you and I want to be with you, and I will do anything that it takes to prove to her.' That's what made me realize that he does care and he wants to make this work."

"We'll see," Dr. Phil says. "He would do it out of respect for you. If he gets asked hard questions for which he doesn't have answers, so be it. He needs to change his behavior, too."

[AD]Dr. Phil offers Katherine advice. "You can have fun and have an identity, but there's a point at which you've got to value yourself enough that you say, ‘You can't stand next to me, because you are not worthy of doing that. You can't put your hands on me ever, you can't get me pregnant, you can't get me in trouble, because I'm not willing to ruin my life, so you can stand next to me.'" He also reminds her that as an adult, it's now her responsibility to deal with the consequences of her decisions.



"We're going to turn this around," Dr. Phil assures Katherine and Erin. 


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