The Ex Factor: Shannon, Louise and Mike contd.

The Ex Factor: Shannon, Louise and Mike contd.

Earlier, Louise allowed Shannon to visit with her daughter without Mike's approval. When Mike found out, he was furious.

"Ashley wanted to see her," Louise tells Mike. "It's not fair for you to keep her away. Do you know how happy she was to see her yesterday?"

"I don't care! I trusted you with Ashley yesterday. You are unbelievable. Whatever. Think what you ******* want. You're always right, and I'm always wrong. You always turn this around on me like you do every frickin' day," he says.


Dr. Phil tells the threesome that his motivation for helping them is their children. "I've got to tell you, I kind of feel like we've got a bunch of adolescents here who are doing everything except passing notes, like you do in school, but then I realize you are passing notes. You text each other 50 times a day," he says. Dr. Phil asks Mike, "Did you tell Shannon that if things go well today, that she might be able to see her daughter, but if they don't go well, then no?"

"All I said is, ‘If you tell the truth on the show, I will work something out with Louise so you can see Ashley.' I will not leave Shannon alone with Ashley," Mike says.

"OK, now, it was under your watch that [Ashley] wound up with a broken nose and two black eyes," Dr. Phil says.

"Yes," Mike admits.

Dr. Phil asks Shannon, "You think, in a fit of rage, he hit her?"

"Yes, I do," she says.

"I don't think he hit her, but I know that he was the cause of it," Louise says. "He called me the next day, crying, saying, ‘I feel really bad. I don't know who to tell, but I need to tell somebody this is what happened.'"

"What happened?" Dr. Phil wants to know.

"He told me that he woke her up, and he was trying to get her to hurry because he needed to get out of the house fast, and she wasn't going fast enough, so he pushed her, and she fell into the coffee table and smashed her face. He told me. He said it right to me," Louise explains.

Mike says, "Half of it is true." Mike and Louise begin to argue.

Dr. Phil tells him, "Just be man enough to answer the question. Did you do it?"

"No, I did not push her," he says, admitting that he told Louise he did. "We were talking, and she's like, ‘I'm not going to talk to you unless you say that you pushed her,' and she's done stuff like that all the time, and so fine, I did just so I could talk to her, and before we even got off the phone conversation, I said, ‘OK, I didn't do it.'"

"That didn't happen," Louise argues. "We were not talking. I was in a transition house. He called my cell phone and said, ‘Don't hang up on me. I just need to tell you something. I need somebody to talk to " '"

"You were in a what?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I was in a transition house. I got taken from the hospital that night and put into a transition house, and I was not allowed to go back to my home. They moved me out of town because of what happened that night with him. They did not feel that he was safe to be around my son," Louise says.

"OK, so let me get this right. This is the time, according to you, when he threw you against the wall and slapped you?" Dr. Phil asks her.

"Yes, and he had bruised my chest. I had a black bruise across my chest," she says.

"And this is serious enough that the hospital won't let you go home, put you into a transition house to protect you."


"Are you still in love with this guy?" Dr. Phil asks her.

Louise pauses, thinking. "Not really," she says.

Dr. Phil looks perplexed. He turns to Shannon and asks, "Are you still in love with him?"

"Oh, hell no!" she exclaims.

"You just keep sleeping with him, right?"

"Yeah," she admits.

Dr. Phil asks Mike, "Did the court award you custody?"

"No, there's never been a legal document of custody, no," he says. Mike explains the circumstances that led to him having custody of their daughter. "[Shannon] was at a party one day " and she admitted this, with everyone doing drugs with the kids there. She doesn't do drugs herself, but everybody else was, and one of her friends went and got my daughter for me, and I've had her ever since," he says.

"And that's OK with you?" Dr. Phil asks Shannon.

"You know what? I don't know where he gets his stories from because he's a little empty-headed," she says. She tells a different story, involving a babysitter who left her kids alone, and Social Services putting them in Mike's care. "In my perspective, I'm assuming he does not want me to have her just because he doesn't want to pay child support."

"OK, we're not talking about a blouse or a lawnmower," Dr. Phil tells her. "He has her and doesn't want to give her back? That's what happens if somebody borrows your lawnmower. We're talking about your daughter! This man has your daughter and that's OK with you?"

"No, it's not actually," she says.

"Well, apparently it is," Dr. Phil says. "You not only let him keep her, but sleep with him for the privilege of seeing your own child! Did I wake up in the twilight zone? Why is that OK with you? Do you really want your daughter?"

"Yeah," Shannon says, tearfully.

"But why aren't you going to court and saying, ‘Give me my daughter'? Why don't you get the police and go over there and get her?" Dr. Phil asks.

Dr. Phil continues. "This is convoluted for reasons that escape my comprehension." He tells Mike, "Look, you have a problem with anger. That makes you real suspect as a mate and as a parent. Let's just talk about you as a man and as a father. You need to calm way down."

"I agree," Mike says.

"You have an important job to do as a co-parent," Dr. Phil says. He turns to Shannon. "And I guess you're a co-parent, or you just see her when he allows you?"

"Pretty much," Shannon says.

"And nobody gave him that right; you just let him decide that that's how it's going to be, right? Do you have any idea what she's being subjected to there?" he asks.

"A lot," Shannon says.


Dr. Phil tells Mike, "I'm not suggesting that you're abusive with your daughter. You told [Louise] that you pushed her down."

"I only said that because she wouldn't talk to me on the phone unless I " "

"Well, see, that's stupid. You don't tell somebody that. Come on, Mike. You don't want to be saying that if it's not true. If it is true, then you've got a serious problem that you need to address. If it is not true, that was a stupid thing to do, to tell somebody you did that," Dr. Phil says.

Dr. Phil turns to Louise. "So tell me why somebody confessing to abusing a child would be a ticket to get to talk to you."

"It's not. It's not at all," she says.

"In your perception, the child has been to the hospital for injuries from him, and you have been to the hospital for injuries from him, and you are confused about whether or not you want a relationship here. That tells me that your self-worth is not high enough, that you're not setting a high enough standard," Dr. Phil says.


"The reason why I'm torn is because, look, I basically came here for advice on my son and how he's going to be affected," Louise says. "Everybody I've talked to back home says, ‘You should be working things out with him. You should be staying with him. You're stupid for walking away because you have a kid with him. You're going to damage him. He's going to grow up to hate you.' Basically, I came here because I want to know what I should do."


"OK, let me be very clear on this," Dr. Phil tells her. "You are a fiduciary for your child. A fiduciary means that you put the child's interests above your own. [Mike's] not part of that issue right now because he has anger problems. He's a danger to you. He's calling you names. He's attacking you physically. In your belief, he has hurt his other child. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If he has hurt one child, he is likely to hurt another child. That is what we know so far: He has physically attacked you. He has threatened you. He has threatened your mother. He has threatened to burn her house down. You believe that he has threatened and abused [Shannon,] and that he has threatened and abused his daughter." Dr. Phil raises his voice and asks, "How much do you need to get it through your head that this is not a positive thing in this child's life at this point?"

"I know that it's not, and that's why I've kept him away from him. But the thing is, I've talked to lawyers, and I've said, ‘I'd like to go for the custody,' and they say, ‘Oh, well, you have a slim-to-none chance of getting full custody without him having visitation,'" Louise explains. "I'm scared to go and get it because I'm scared he's going to be granted visitation without
somebody there."


"I told her I will sign. I will give her custody," Mike says. He tells her, "You're more than welcome to be there. I've never once told you I want to just take Jessy, [that] you're not allowed to be with us."

"Will you agree to her having custody, and you having supervised visitation?" Dr. Phil asks Mike. He nods. "OK, you're on record. You're on camera right now. So you're saying that you will agree to her having custody, and you having supervised visitation in accordance with the court's directors?"

Mike nods again. "I think she's an unbelievable mother. I've got absolutely no reason to try and get our son from her."

Dr. Phil tells all of them that he's going to have a professional comission a home study to find out what's really going on behind closed doors. "I'm going to offer all of y'all professional help here, and we're going to evaluate this for the kids and see if we can come up with a plan where everybody can get what they want and move forward," he says. They all agree to participate.