The Ex Wars: Kristie and Michael Part 2

Marriage Meelee

Kristie says the final straw in causing her to file for divorce was Michael beating their dog with a flip flop, which Michael denies. She also says he kicked another dog in the head, and that one died the next day.

"They are lies," Michael says defiantly. "I've never beaten a dog."

Kristie says she witnessed him beating the dog.

"Somebody here is blatantly lying," Dr. Phil says. He continues that if the two were in court, and he was on the bench, he would find out who was lying, "and the consequences would be dire. You are playing with fire here."

They maintain they aren't lying.

"You both can't be telling the truth here!" Dr. Phil exclaims.


[AD]Kristie tells Dr. Phil about the filing of a CPS report after she saw bruises on the two youngest children following a visit to their father's house. She took the children to the pediatrician to be evaluated, and they held that the bruises were not in a common place or could come from a common explanation. CPS did a full investigation, she says, and they determined the bruises did not come from abuse, but excessive obedience.


"I asked you if you filed a CPS report and then you gave me the mechanism through which it was filed, which is a distinction without a difference," Dr. Phil says. He unqualifiedly tells Kristie if she believes her children are abused, then she should file a report. "If you're doing it to get leverage, then you are parading your children through an evaluative process that is traumatic on its face," he says.

Michael maintains he never hits or spanks the children.


The two begin to bicker over whether the children are coached to say certain things. Dr. Phil says the CPS report concluded the children have been coached.

Despite Kristie's staunch refusal that the children have been coached, Dr. Phil says one of the children calls Michael, "Bad Daddy." Dr. Phil asks Kristie how the young girl came upon the name calling.

[AD]"That was her choice," Kristie says, adding that she instructed the girl not to call her dad that. "I have to encourage their relationship, as much as I don't want it all the time."

"If you believe he is abusing your children, why would you encourage it?" Dr. Phil asks.

"The courts don't believe me," Kristie says.

"The courts don't believe you, the police don't believe you and the counselor doesn't think you're being straight with them," Dr. Phil says to Kristie.

Kristie's fianceé, Tony, says he has seen bruises on the girls when they return from Michael's for visitation. "The youngest one said, ‘Daddy hit me,'" Tony says.

Michael has no explanation and maintains he doesn't hit the children. He believes the oldest daughter has been brainwashed, and the two youngest are well on their way to being the same.

Tony shares artwork where the middle child says, "I think you're like the dad I never had."

"Why would she say that?" Dr. Phil asks Michael.

[AD]Michael says the oldest girls are smart enough to know what Kristie and Tony want them to say. Dr. Phil is quick to point out that Michael is not innocent, having Kristie arrested and put in jail. "You said she punched you in the face," Dr. Phil says. "Did you really believe you needed police protection?"


"It doesn't matter how much damage is done. It is still against the law to do that," Michael says when Dr. Phil comments there were no visible markings.

"There is no question [that] you have the right to do that," Dr. Phil says. "You made the decision to put your children's mother in jail. What was your objective?"

"To hold her accountable for her actions."