The Fight over Your Child: Tisha, Peter

Vicious Custody Battle

"Tisha has threatened that she's going to take these kids from me, and in her words, I'm going down," Peter says.

"He hates me. It's all about how to make Tisha's life more miserable," Tisha says.

"She's brainwashing my kids," Peter says. "I get to see my son only one day a week, and my daughter will not even talk to me on the telephone."

"They are scared to talk to their father," Tisha says. "Peter wants a relationship with his daughter, but he just saw her at our son's basketball game, and he didn't even acknowledge her. My daughter wants nothing to do with him."

[AD]"She breaks the court order time and time again, and she doesn't let me get to see my kids," Peter says.

"The court order states that Peter has Zachary on Fridays, but that doesn't mean he can't have him any other times. He just doesn't choose to," she says.

"It's not about the kids; it's about her trying to get back at me," Peter says.

"Peter was physically and emotionally abusive toward me. Most of the abuse was in front of the kids," Tisha says. "I'm scared for me, and I'm scared for my kids. Not only is he trying to hurt me, but he doesn't see that he's also hurting our kids."

"She claimed I was abusive, but it's not true," Peter says. "The fact of the matter is, she made these claims because I found out she was being promiscuous. She had the cops called on me. They came and pulled me out of the house in handcuffs with my kids watching. It was devastating. I'm the victim here. My kids are the victims as well."

"He says it's all about the kids, but it's not," Tisha says.

"She doesn't deserve the title of being called a mom because a mother doesn't do this to her children," Peter says.

[AD]Tisha asked Dr. Phil to provide extra security precautions during the show because she's so petrified of Peter. "He would pull my hair. He's thrown a soccer ball at my head. He's spat in my face. He's slammed my arm in the cupboard in front of the kids. He's said on numerous occasions that I deserve it. He does the crazy-making type of abuse where you literally think to yourself that you are going crazy," she says. "He's stalked me by putting spyware on the computer. He put cell spyware on me by monitoring all my phone calls, my text messages. He'll deny it until the day he dies that he's never done any of these things. He was sitting at the computer once, and he goes, ‘Look at your horoscope. It says you're going to die soon.' And I said, ‘Excuse me? Is that a treat?' And he goes, ‘No, it's a promise. You're going to die soon.'"

Dr. Phil takes Tisha's abuse allegations seriously, so he speaks with her first to make sure she's OK with being onstage with Peter. Tisha wipes her tears and says she is, and then Peter joins them.


Dr. Phil asks Peter what he thinks about Tisha's security concerns.

"Have you exercised all of the custody rights that you've had?" Dr. Phil asks Peter.


"So, every access you've had to the children, you've availed yourself of."


"That's absolutely not true," Tisha says.

The couple argues about a recent incident where Peter could've had access to his son but didn't take it.

"Guys, listen," Dr. Phil tells them. "What I'm curious about is whether somebody in this situation is going to tell me the truth today. I've been doing this for over 30 years, over 30 years. I have never, ever, in one time, in all of that, found a situation where one side was completely devoid of any responsibility, blame, or misstep or misdeed. But to hear you talk, you are 100 percent blameless in this. And I'm telling you, that's just ridiculous. I think I've got a couple of right-fighters sitting here who are running your own agenda about anger, and frustration and bitterness, and you don't care that the kids are caught in the crossfire."

[AD]"That's not true," Peter argues.

"Your behavior doesn't suggest that," Dr. Phil tells him.

"That's not true, Dr. Phil," he repeats.

"I've got one agenda here and that's the agenda of the children," Dr. Phil says.

Tisha and Peter agree to listen to what Dr. Phil has to say.