The Hunt for Amanda: Reunion

The Hunt for Amanda: Reunion

Amanda walks through the Orlando airport. "I got busted by Dr. Phil!" she says defiantly.

The time is midnight, and she and Harold are at the airport awaiting the arrival of Amanda's mother, Linda.

As she comes down the gangway, Amanda races to Linda. They embrace warmly.

"I love you," Amanda says.

"I love you too," Linda replies.

Amanda takes her mother's hand and says, "Let's get on!"

"I'm very relieved and happy that I finally have seen her," says Linda. "I have her. She's OK."

Descending by escalator, Amanda shouts to the crowd at the airport, "Hi! I'm Paris Hilton!"

Linda's relief gives way to tension. "It is very stressful because she's not the same Amanda that I knew before she left. It's almost like she's acting just like her boyfriend, you know, that demeanor where I'm better than everybody else."

"Give me my phone, please," Amanda demands of Harold. "You told me you would give it to me right in front of that cop!"

"You're not using it," Linda responds.

Amanda breaks away aggressively, cutting the conversation short.

Harold follows her. "You're going in the car," he says pointing in the opposite direction. "You understand?"

"Alright, get up off of me," Amanda says, defiantly. "I paid for this with my own money," she tells her mother.

Harold tries reasoning with Amanda as she sits on an airport bench. "I heard her tell the police officer she would give it –" Amanda interrupts him by getting up and walking with purpose to another bench.

"Please, just get up off of me," she says again.

"OK. We're leaving," Harold tells her.

Sitting with her mother, Amanda says, "I'm sick of these people taking it away from me. It's mine!"

"We're leaving. Get in that car!" says Harold.

"I hate him," Amanda tells her mother. They threesome climbs into the back of an SUV which takes off into the night.


"Were you glad to see your mother?" Dr. Phil asks Amanda.

"Yeah, I was. I was glad to see my mother," she says.

"You seemed to get just really defiant and pretty much tell everybody to kiss your ass and get away from you," he says.

"See, when I get aggravated," Amanda explains, "I need space. I just need to walk away. I try not to argue. I try not to say anything that would hurt anyone. I just need to walk away. I need to, or I'll let loose. I need to walk away."

"OK, and what aggravates you is if you don't get to do what you want to do," says Dr. Phil.

"It's not even that," she refutes. "I just want that compromise, but I feel like I'm not getting that compromise. And I need to walk away at that point because I get so mad."