The Hunt for Amanda: Taking the Cell Phone

The Hunt for Amanda: Taking the Cell Phone

Linda explains that Amanda bought another cell phone and has been talking with her boyfriend on it constantly. "I'm fearful that they're making plans to either run again or to meet up somehow, but they are definitely making plans for something," she says.

Amanda's older sister, Stephanie, agrees. "I definitely think she's making plans to run." 

Linda has a plan of her own. She'll speak with Paul and the two of them will take the cell phone away together.

In Paul's hotel room, she explains the situation. "You can't trust her. She's going to flip, more than likely, but we have to take that cell phone away from her. I mean, we didn't come this far for her to run and have to try to find her again."

They approach Amanda in her hotel room.

"Amanda, there seems to be an issue going on with the cell phone again," says Linda. "You've been in contact with George. Is something going on?"

"No. Well, then I'll let up calling him, you know?" Amanda says.

"No, we've tried that. I want to take the phone for now," Linda tells her.

"You already took my other phone," Amanda complains.

"Well, then I'm going to take this one, because I'm afraid that you and George are planning something."

"No, I'm not, Mom. But you can't keep on taking my phone like this. It's my property. You can't."

Paul says, "Amanda, if everything goes right you can have it back, all right?"

"You have been on the phone with him all day, and your attitude toward all of us has changed," says Linda.

"I've been on the phone with him twice. That's it," Amanda refutes. She turns toward the Dr. Phil cameraman, taping the scene. "Please stop! Shut it off!" she commands.

"I want the phone," says Linda, grabbing Amanda's purse.

"Well, whatever! Take it! Whatever!" says Amanda, as the purse slides easily from her shoulder.

"She put it in her pocket," says Linda, in pursuit of Amanda.

"No!" shouts Amanda as her parents put their hands into the pockets of her hooded sweatshirt. "Stop!" she screams. "STOOOOOP!" 


Paul says her name sternly.

"Stop! Both — Let go of me, both of you! Let go of me! Let go of me!" she screams.

Both parents repeat their demand that Amanda give them the phone. She, in turn, repeatedly tells them to stop and to let go of her. They tussle, until Amanda finally escapes into the bathroom.

Moments later, the shower is running, and Linda takes the opportunity to slip into the bathroom.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" shouts Amanda from inside. "Will you please get out of here? I'm taking a shower!"

"I'm not looking at you," Linda tells her. "Where are your pants?"

"Get out, please!" Amanda demands.

Linda emerges from the bathroom and reveals that Amanda has both the phone and her pants in the shower with her.

Moments later, Linda can hear Amanda talking on the phone in the shower. "Who are you talking to, Amanda?" she calls to her.

"No one! I'm taking a shower! Leave me alone! I'm f***ing naked!" Amanda shouts.

Linda enters the bathroom. Behind the closed door she explains to Amanda in no uncertain terms that she knows she's talking to someone on her cell phone. She makes a grab for the phone, while Amanda's screams for her to get out grow more shrill. Water splashes the closed bathroom door as they scuffle.

"Stop kicking me!" shouts Linda.

"I'm not! Get out! Leave me the f*** alone! I'm naked! Just get out!" shouts Amanda.


Finally, Linda emerges, wet and battle worn. "I've had it," she says. "Can you just lock her up or something? This is ridiculous."

Next, Stephanie takes a turn in the bathroom. "Did you just kick her?" she screams as the door closes behind her. "Did you just f***ing kick Mom? Where is the cell phone? Give her the cell phone!"

Meanwhile, outside the bathroom, Paul tells Linda, "Somebody's going to get hurt. Lock her up. End of conversation." She agrees.

Soon Stephanie emerges from the bathroom. "This is ridiculous," she says.

"She's never fought us like that. This is definitely not my Amanda," says Linda.

Back on the set, Dr. Phil asks Amanda what she thinks, looking back on what happened in the hotel room.

"It's sad to see," she tells him.

"Because, when I talked to you, you said, 'She treats me like I'm 12. I'm 17 years old.' That's a 3-year-old tantrum," says Dr. Phil.

"Seriously, yeah, I do have a bad temper," she says, "but it's not right when I'm trying to take a shower to come in —"

"But you weren't taking a shower," Dr Phil interrupts. "You were talking on the phone and you were hiding."

"No, I was really taking a shower. I was," Amanda insists.

"Were you on the phone?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No, I wasn't," she replies.

"Did you have the phone in the shower with you?"

"Yes, I did."

Linda chimes in, "That's a lie, Amanda. We heard you on the phone," and Paul agrees. "Dr. Phil's staff heard you."

"Who takes the phone in the shower and talks to themself, but they're not on the phone?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Seriously, I wasn't even talking. I really wasn't," Amanda repeats.

"Really? Where's the phone now?" asks Dr. Phil.

"It's gone," she says.

"So, if they pat you down now, you don't have the phone on you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No, I don't," she says.

Dr. Phil turns to Linda. "OK, if you look at this behavior and you see that that is her way of engaging, how are you going to deal with that?"


"I don't know," she says. "I'm afraid, to tell you the truth. This happens when she talks to her boyfriend. She can be fine, she'll be on the phone with him and her attitude will change in a matter of seconds, and she's combative, she's rude, she's rebellious."