How to Protect Your Kids

Will the girls be able to acclimate back to society? Sometimes victims of kidnapping bond with their captors and grieve their loss when they're brought back home. Dr. Phil points out that Jaycee has spent 6,750 days with her alleged captor, but only spent just over 4,000 days with her own family.

Dr. Thema explains what the girls may be facing.

"Clint, you say the neighborhood system did break down here, just like the law enforcement system broke down," Dr. Phil says.

"Yeah, it did," he says. "We know the sheriff's office missed, we know the parole officer missed, we know the police department missed, but what we're missing too in our society today " we're so busy, we're so wrapped up, we're told ‘none of your business, none of your business,' ‘well, they had a six-foot fence' " get an eight-foot ladder and look over the top of the fence! I know they made one call to police but you can't give up. If you know, if you suspect there's something wrong, you've got to go after it."

"The truth is, these people are out there, Clint. What do we need to say to parents to protect their children?" Dr. Phil asks.

"We always need to be aware. We need to understand where our children are, who their friends are, if we sent them over to their house, what's that environment inside the house? We can't lock our children up 24 hours a day. We want them to grow up, we want them to mature, but we also want them to know they can tell us anything if they need to tell us anything. There's nothing to be ashamed of. There's nothing that they would do wrong in that environment that they can't tell us as parents," Clint says.

Dr. Phil illustrates how times have changed: In 1969, 87 percent of kids were allowed by their parents to walk to school. In 2008, only 15 percent were allowed. He cautions parents not to scare their kids. Out of 60 million kids in America, 115 stranger abductions occur every year. "Do the math on that. That means the chance of your child being abducted by a stranger is .0002 percent. So, it's not like you need to panic your children and make them fearful of the world; you just need to be aware of what's going on out there," he says.

Dr. Bryant-Davis reminds parents to be mindful of non-strangers as kids are more likely to be molested by people they know.

Dr. Phil adds that parents should practice with their kids how they should react if someone is trying to abduct them: yell, scream, fight, run. "Eight-five percent of abductions fail because a kid makes a scene," he says.

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